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Bloon Reaper - Mar. 8, 2018

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  • Bloon Reaper - Mar. 8, 2018

    Six Feet, Hard.
    $3000 Starting Cash.

    3 Lives!

    Rank Changes: Red > Yellow = Pink; Black, White = Zebra; Zebra, Rainbow = Ceramic; Ceramic = Zebra; MOAB = BFB.

    By Toy Freddy.

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    Tricky challenge. I started with 1/1 spactory, then save up to have 2 Dragon's Breath for Round 31. From there I focused on getting spiked mines for Round 39. After that it wasn't too bad. A little bit of randomness with the spactories makes it necessary to watch for bloons leaking which is annoying.


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      Nice. Finally see something to life.
      Calm down. You don't know what I've been through.
      คɭɭ Շђєรє Շ๏ץร ץєՇ ภ๏Շ ๓ยςђ Շเ๓є,
      ๒єŦ๏гє เ Շคкє ץ๏ยг ร๏ยɭ Շ๏ภเﻮђՇ,
      קเєςє ๒ץ קเєςє เ ๒ยเɭ๔ ץ๏ยг Ŧєคгร,
      ฬђคՇ ςคภ ฬє ยรє Շ๏ єภ๔ Շђเร гเﻮђՇ.
      คɭɭ Շђєรє שєภՇร คภ๔ คɭɭ Շђєรє г๏๏๓ร,
      ภ๏ ςค๓єгค кєєקร ץ๏ย Ŧг๏๓ ץ๏ยг ๔๏๏๓,
      ςยร ภ๏Շђเภﻮ รՇ๏קקє๔ ๓є Ŧг๏๓ Շђє קครՇ ՇђคՇ'ร г๏ՇՇเภﻮ,
      เ'๓ รՇเɭɭ ђєгє.


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        Started with Apprentice and then second. You'll need a few spikes early on and then add a spactory. Co
        mbination of apprentice and spike storm abilities to get you to round 46. At 46 I added seocnd spactory on the furthest right side, which became 2-4 shortly afterwards. use abilities - keep a phoenix flying at all times there are ceramics on the screen


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          Looks like you can either beat it NAPFRILLS or NAPSFRLLS (items or specialty building). With App specialty building I didn't need to use any spikes, and it allowed me to start with a 2/0 app and a spactory. I was able to beat it through 60 without much difficulty. Good challenge, albeit a bit long.


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            Congrats Toy Freddy on your first DC! It was a fun one. I ended up using Spac specialty and was able to finish NLL.


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              Great challenge! I managed it NAPSFLLS - started with a 2-0 App and used 2-3 spikes on the first round before I could afford a spactory.