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  • Save on challenges

    Would it be possible to add the save option to challenges? Having spent, what can be ages, to get to that 'final' hard round, and then to fail and have to start over is such a pain. The save option would be much appreciated for us mere mortals that find some challenges really hard, but also very time consuming.The 'purists' needn't use if it they don't want.

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    You can simulate the DC in a regular game and use the save option. I have to go that route fairly frequently.


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      Quite a lot of hassle, when adding a save option would just save everybody time and frustration, What;s the reason for not having one anyway?


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        I agree that at this point it's more often a frustration than not. But I think the original principle was that they wanted you to solve the challenge with an elegant foolproof solution, rather than sorta forcing it with luck by trying over and over till something silly works. It was even more magical back when incogneato and mathgodpi and others would post amazing foolproof solutions.

        That's why most people get frustrated when a challenge does involve luck, because that does result in a waste of time.

        After several years I think we're running low on suggestions, so these luck-based or untested ones pop up more often. Maybe it would be worth mentioning this to the developer?