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Glue Generator - Mar. 6, 2018

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  • Glue Generator - Mar. 6, 2018

    Jungle, Medium.
    $9000 Starting Cash.

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    NAPSFRI. There's quite a bit of dartling micro needed here.

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      Originally posted by The Mochinator View Post
      NAPSFRI. There's quite a bit of dartling micro needed here.

      how did you start?


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        Interesting challenge. Started with a 3/1 glue (3/2 by 49) and then dartling spammed in one corner with a village. A few farms in the 50s will help a lot - I had 3 2/0s and 63/64/65 were easy. I switched to 2 glue hoses for 63.


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          There's a lot to explain here, so I'll replay the first few rounds.:
          Before round 40:

          - 2/1 dartling
          - 3/0 glue [Strong]
          - 2/0 glue [Strong]
          - 0/0 spac

          During 40: Aim only at the bottom path; the 3/0 glue will do all the work at the top. Make sure to break the ceramics apart, and then you can start tearing into the normal bloons.
          41: Second 0/0 spac. Place this one so that it covers the end of the top path.
          During 41: Buy a second dartling ASAP. Upgrade it 0/1 and then 2/1. Glue to 2/1.
          During 42 and 43: As before, focus only on the bottom path. The only exception is to pop the camos on 42.
          Round 46: Third 2/1 dartling

          During round 46:

          Pay attention to what path the MOAB comes out on, because you need to react quickly. Whichever path the MOAB takes, get the x/2 upgrade for the glue that's further away. (For example, the MOAB is coming out on the bottom, so upgrade the glue at the top to x/2. If the MOAB comes out at the top then upgrade the bottom one to x/2.)

          Hopefully that should be enough to get you started--if not, I probably won't be able to use pictures anymore but I'll still do my best to help.
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            Fun challenge. Thanks for the guide Mochinator, it definitely helped me get started.


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              Finished NAPS with just more than 100 lives left.

              Started with a village at the center and 2 SM (target: first) (next to each U turns), the village is upgraded to 0/1 after putting 2 SM in place. Need to add a glue near one of the entrance during round 40 (and luck so that the glue doesn't miss) to keep minimal LLs from the ceramics.
              Upgrade to 0/2 village for round 42
              Get another 2/1 glue at the other entrance and put the SM target to strong for 43.
              Another SM for round 46, together with 2x 2/1 glue inside the radius of the village during the round.
              Target 2x SMs to strong while the other to first for 47.
              Another (4th) SM and 2x mortar for round 49 (upgrade to x/2 mortar during the round)

              Afterwards is farming and upgrading the SMs. Sell something at round 63 for 2x 2/4 glue at the entrances. The rest should be fine with 4x 2/x SMs.