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Pyramids with Three - Mar. 5, 2018

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  • Pyramids with Three - Mar. 5, 2018

    Pyramids, Medium.
    $14,000 Starting Cash.
    55MM Reward.

    Towers (1 of each, 3 max): Ninja, Ice, Village, Farm, Spike Factory.
    Agents OK, none provided.

    By rtgargoyle2.

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    started with dartling in the bottom right corner and ninja near the center, got 4/2 spike as soon as i could (sold ninja), maxed out ninja 4/2 and got 2/3 dartling fast as well, did it first try NAPFLL easy


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      Fun little challenge. Completed it NAPSFRILLS with the dartling (3-2), spactory (4-2), and village (4-1). All bottom right.
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        Pretty easy. Completed it NAPSFRILLS with a completely different strategy than onlinegamer:

        2/2 Ice at start, 2/3 Dartling at end, and 1/0 spactory right after the ice. Spactory to 1/4, then 2/4, then Ice to 3/2, then Dartling to 2/4. Ice to 4/2 for no reason at all other than you have the cash.

        I'd like to see this challenge with MOAB's upgraded to BFB's. It would be possible at least through 52. After that, it might get a bit sketchy.
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          I've used Ice on the first pyramid, Dartling at the end and just at it's side a spike factory. Ice 2/4 as soon as possible, then spike factory 4/2 and last the dartling to 2/4. After 63, I've sold the Ice Tower and purchase a 4/2 Ninja. Not a live lost.