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The Big Friendly Cow - Feb 11, 2018

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  • The Big Friendly Cow - Feb 11, 2018

    Rounds 26 - 47 on Monkey Lane Easy
    Starting cash: 5000
    Starting lives: 100
    Reward: 55
    Towers: 0/4 Super Monkey, Monkey Village, Banana Farm, and 3/4 Spike Factory; up to 1 of each or 4 total
    All agents allowed
    Bloon rank changes: MOAB -> ZOMG
    By onlinegamer321

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    Great design onlinegamer321 !!

    The timing has to be precise and you need some luck.

    I suggest checking out the UBC on youtube before trying this one.

    Luck: Even with perfect timing I had a TS kill all the bloons on 42 and then wiped on 43 b/c of cooldown. On 46 my 0/3 SM managed to break 2 BFBs at once and I wiped.

    I haven't beaten it yet...


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      Just so you guys know, UBC made this challenge more complex than it needed to be in order to get NLL. If you are more aggressive with farming and don't care about lives, after your farm produces bananas on round 46 you can sell everything and buy a 0-4 supermonkey with just under $600 to spare.
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        Sorry but I'm new and I'm wondering how you get custom levels like you guys talk about?


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          connorjb111 No need to be sorry. We all had to learn at one point.

          When you submit a Daily Challenge suggestion you specify alterations to levels.

          The "form" for suggestions is here:


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            Now that I've figured out how to make videos, here is the easy way to do this challenge for anyone interested. No luck is needed if you know how to time the spike factory abilities.

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