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About Time - January 12, 2018

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  • About Time - January 12, 2018

    About Time
    37-60 with 1 of each tower, 12 towers max. All limited to 2/4 except 4/4 Farms and Villages.
    Reds = Ceramics
    Greens = Blacks
    Leads = Rainbows
    Zebras = Leads
    MOABs and BFBs are +1

    By AFN7

    I am definitely having trouble. I can make it 46 with NLL (although I usually leak 1 or 2 yellows), but then I have trouble with the BFB. I made it past the BFB once with a bunch of selling/rebuying (0/4 Ninja sabotage, then sell, buy a 2/4 bomb to pop BFB). I made it to 53 with this technique.

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    Finally got it with Boomer Specialty:


    Start with:
    0/0 Village
    2/3 Boomer
    1/1 Dartling -> 2/1 ASAP

    Next a 0/0 Bomb, strong
    1/4 Ninja next, Sabotage on 43

    45: Bomb to 2/4, Dartling to 2/2
    46: Sabotage right as round starts, then Assassinate the BFB. Sell the Ninja ASAP and upgrade Dartling to 2/3.
    47: I bought a 1/0 Farm, but I don't think it is needed. Rebuy Ninja, 1/2.
    48: Ninja to 1/3
    49: Ninja to 1/4 ASAP, sabotage. I upgraded Boomer to 2/4 at end of round but should have probably bought Spike Factory instead. Try to leave a couple red bloons at the end to help recharge abilities.
    50: 1/2 Spike Factory, Assassinate first BFB. Supercharge boomer if you did that. Sabotage ceramics/2nd BFB (do NOT sabotage the first few ceramics, wait until most have entered).
    Spike Factory to 1/3 ASAP
    Super monkey to 2/2 Strong
    Village to 2/1
    Spike Factory to 1/4
    Super to 2/3
    60: Sabotage just after it enters. Use spike ability as well as assassinate on ZOMG. Sell Super Monkey as soon as BFBs are all popped to MOABs, buy 0/4 Ace and use Ground Zero.