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A Dockside of Five - January 11, 2018

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  • A Dockside of Five - January 11, 2018

    40 to 85 with 2 of each, 5 max:
    4/3 Sub

    By rtgargoyle2

    I beat it NAPRILLS. Something tells me you either have to sell or you have to farm and that is not possible NAPSFRILLS.


    Here is my NAPSRILLS solution:

    Start with village and 3/0 Dartling and 2/0 farm.
    Farm to 3/0
    Second Dartling to 2/1 then 2/2
    Village to 0/1
    Ace to 3/0
    For Round 50, if you get your micro right, you'll have enough for 4/0 Ace at the end of round.
    Farm to 4/2
    2nd Dartling to 3/2
    Ace to 4/2
    Farm to 3/1
    I think I then did 4/2 farm, but I might have saved for 4/0 Dartling.
    From there on out farm until you have 2 x 4/x Dartlings and blow up everything.
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    I think I farmed a bit unnecessarily hard! Ended with a 4-1 Dartling, 2-4 Dartling, two Spectres all under a 4-2 village. Oh and £50k cash haha.


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      NAPSFRILLS is possible (well, depending on whether you consider Village 3/x as farming, and even if you do, it's probably not needed anyway).

      Everything goes in the bump out near the lower-left. Start with a Village 0/0 and a Dartling 2/3. Get a 2nd Dartling also to 2/3, then an Ace to 3/2, followed by 4/2. At some point, get the Village up to 2/1, then the Dartlings to 2/4. At the end, bring the Village to 4/1. There were not really any close calls.


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        Ah, that makes sense, but I imagine makes the micro a bit harder vs going with the top left corner.


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          Nice challenge.