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Boom Boom Cow - Jan 9, 2018

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  • Boom Boom Cow - Jan 9, 2018

    1 - 30 with 4|2 Ninjas, Farms, and 4|0 Villages. By onlinegamer123

    Monkey Lane Easy, 650 starting cash, 65 lives.


    Failed 3 times so far - $4000 then $2500 then $400 short. This isn't easy!
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    Oh yay another one! Here is my first attempt. Very sloppy, but fortunately there is some wiggle room.

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      Did you spam 1-0 farms or get 2-0's? And where was your ninja(s) located?


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        I can't get close to the $$ for the 4/0 Village.


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          Originally posted by netterbog View Post
          Did you spam 1-0 farms or get 2-0's? And where was your ninja(s) located?
          Before round 28 started, I had 8 2-0 farms, a 3-1 ninja in the upper left below the top loop, and $2753.
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            I farmed, but still short $3500 for the 4/0 village. I guess this DC will force me to learn about more optimal farming.
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              Lead-popping power is for sure required. That is why I think this challenge may be fun, as the expensive High Energy Beacon is required.
              If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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                So far I still haven’t been able to beat this thing, though victory is taunting me just out of my reach. I’m only $1000 short of the HEB. Now how do I cover the remaining amount of money??? I’m not going to call this impossible (cough cough), but still, I feel like I’m already spending the bare minimum on defense.

                I’ll keep trying this tomorrow.
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                  Cant see how this is possible, thats two impossibles in 3 days!


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                    Oh wow, I guess I'm not very good at anticipating how difficult people will find challenges. I'll post a partial guide during my lunch break if no progress has been made.
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                      NPFRILLS with a Tribal Turtle anyone? I'm definitely tempted...

                      I want to know what your ninja placement is in particular. And obviously, your farming seems to be more efficient than the rest of us.

                      I've made it within 130g of the 4/0 tower using Ninja specialty.
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                        I did it with a tribal turtle. Starting with a Ninja I just can't get the cash together for the 4/0 Village. I've tried using just 0/0 Ninjas---it takes 3 of them. I've tried selling farms to upgrade others. I've tried not selling farms to upgrade. Haven't tried Ninja Spec. I'll try that next then I'm done. I'd really like to see your guide onlinegamer321 !

                        Edit: Ninja Spec didn't help. Still coming up short on cash.
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                          Tried this 5 times. Went through ever more aggressive farming, culminating in 2-0 farms. Tried using the Ninja special feature to increase death rate and reduce cost, but still came up $800 short. Could not get to eight 2-0 farms - 7 max. At that point, was down to 11 lives.
                          Short of using a Tribal Turtle to blast the leads, I think this challenge is beyond my skills.


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                            I also tried twice more, with variants of multiple low-ranking ninjas + using speciality but could not do any better. onlinegamer321 you are a better man/woman than me!


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                              Finally got it with Ninja specialty.

                              I had my 1st ninja on the bridge, just to the left and down of the one in the image above (in the middle of the bridge). I had it set to strong most of the time and then would micro it to first or last as needed. I used the specialty from time to time as needed. But the real key on this is to be okay with leaking a few bloons. When you think you need to upgrade your ninja, you should probably build a farm instead, and THEN upgrade your ninja. I think I had it at 1/0 until something like level 18 which is when it was finally upgraded to 2/1. I don't remember if I did both the upgrades then or not. On 23 I added a 0/0 ninja above the "n" shaped turn at the beginning, set to strong.

                              On round 28, I had 7 x 2/0 farms. I sold both ninjas, placed two towers, and then started the round. After the farms finished pouring out their bananas, I sold them and upgraded 1 tower and had it set to first. I then sold the 2nd tower and bought the ninja to finish out the last 2 rounds.

                              Also, regarding farms, I build them straight to 2/0, then start on the next one. Here's the breakdown on the break even of going with a 2/0 first 2 x 1/0 farms in easy:
                              1 2/0 Farm 2x 1/0 Farms
                              Round 1 260 325
                              Round 2 520 565
                              Round 3 780 805
                              Round 4 1040 1045
                              Round 5 1300 1285
                              Round 6 1560 1525
                              Round 7 1820 1765
                              Round 8 2080 2005
                              Round 9 2340 2245
                              Round 10 2600 2485
                              Round 11 2860 2725
                              Round 12 3120 2965
                              Round 13 3380 3205
                              2 x 1/0 farms cost $85 less than a 2/0 farm, so the first round they would be worth $120x2+85=$325.

                              You can also build the second 1/0 farm earlier than a 2/0 farm, so you could potentially have up to a max of an additional $120. Pretty much, if you are 10+ round out from selling them, you should aim for a 2/0 first. If you are less than 10 rounds out, you should look at how much more you might make from building that 2nd 1/0 farm early. If you are at the start of a round and have the cash to build a 2/0 farm or 2 x 1/0 farm, you should go for the 2/0 farm if you have 4+ rounds to go.

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