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  • Yahtzie
    @The SuperMonkey: I changed the challenge to start on 28 (and ended up having to change build order too). 31 & 32 no longer require any luck.

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  • lla26
    @Speedy: With those few restrictions (and high starting cash), it seems to be VERY straightforward. I suggest you start somewhere between 26-35 with $5000 starting cash and maybe add some tower limits. Of course, I haven't played it yet, so those are only my first impressions.

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  • Speedy05
    Challenge: 4 Corners
    Points: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green

    4500 Starting Cash (Can be reduced)
    Mode/Difficulty: Medium
    Rounds: 25-75
    Lives: 100
    Track: The Eye
    Max Towers: 12
    Max of Each: 2

    2-2 Dart Monkeys
    1-2 Sniper Monkeys
    2-1 Boomerang Throwers
    1-2 Ninja Monkeys
    3-3 Bomb Towers
    3-3 Ice Towers
    3-3 Glue Gunners
    1-1 Monkey Aces
    3-2 Super Monkeys
    3-3 Monkey Apprentices
    2-2 Monkey Villages
    2-0 Banana Farms
    4-3 Mortar Towers
    3-1 Dartling Guns
    2-3 Spike Factories

    This has not been tested. If any of you can test it, then do so.
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  • The Supermonkey
    Junior Monkey - just tried your suggestion. Way too much luck involved in killing camos with the dark monkeys. Probably why it was rejected in the first place.
    Yahtzie - just tried your suggestion and there's a bit too much luck involved in rounds 31 and 32 for my liking. And there's only 1 life so if you don't get lucky its game over.

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  • Junior Monkey
    Originally posted by fozage
    ​​​​​​Close enough
    • Starting Cash 700
    • Health 100
    • Start Round 1
    • End Round 60
    • Max No. of Towers: none
    • Max Per Class: none
    • Available Agents: Banned
    • all track item available
    • Difficulty: medium
    • Track :MOAB desert
    • Which towers are available :

    dart 0/0
    ace 2/3
    boomerang 3/3
    bomb 4/4
    ice 4/4
    boat 4/4
    ninja 4/2

    bloons :
    Red: 0
    Blue: 0
    Green: 0
    Yellow: 0
    Pink: 0
    Black: +1 (whites)
    White: -1 (black)
    Lead: +1 (zebra)
    Zebra: -1 (lead)
    Rainbow: 0
    Ceramic: 0
    MOAB: 0
    BFB: 0
    ZOMG: 0

    based that some bloon has the same RBE
    Already been done.
    Last edited by Junior Monkey; 09-04-17, 04:44 AM.

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