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  • Originally posted by Hustle View Post
    ___A Tacky Challenge___
    Ice Flow, Easy, with only Dart/Tack-based towers and Dart/Tack-weak Bloons.
    1. 600$ Starting Cash, Ice Flow on the Easy Difficulty with Rounds 2-40.
    2. 18/02/2018 - Current Date, 19-21/02/2018 - Destined Date.
    3. There are no Agents provided, and any previously gotten Agent can be used in the quest, but Tribal Turtles, Bloonsday Devices, Angry Squirrels and Super Monkey Squads are not allowed and must not be used in the Challenge.
    4. Reds-0, Blues-0, Greens-0, Yellows-0, Pinks-0, Blacks/Whites-0, Leads-1 Higher (Zebras), Zebras-0, Rainbows-1 Lower (Zebras), Ceramics-2 Lower (Zebras), MOABs-3 Lower (Zebras), BFBs-4 Lower (Zebras), ZOMGs-5 Lower (Zebras)
    Tower RoundUp:
    -Dart Monkeys: These towers are restricted to only go for the second-tier major upgrades and low-first-tier ones. (2/4)
    -Tack Shooters: These towers cannot go for high-tier upgrades. Think a lot on strategies for these ones. (2/2)
    -Ninja Monkeys: These towers, differently from Dart Monkeys, are restricted to only upgrade to the last first-tier upgrades. (4/2)
    -Super Monkeys: These towers are very restricted, whereas only the the first two second-tier upgrades are allowed. (0/2)
    -Dartling Gunners: Being well-experienced in Dartling Gunner Monkeys is good, and so are the restrictions to the tower, not allowing any high-tier upgrades. (2/2)
    -Spike Factories: Good end-trail towers. Anyways, no high-first-tier upgrades. (2/4)
    -Monkey Submarines: These towers are not allowed to upgrade to the last two upgrades from the second tier. (4/2)

    These, along with being restricted, are also the only available towers for this Challenge Suggestion.
    This quest was not tested, but its completionability is easily confirmable, therefore does not needs testing.
    Also, I wasted quite a lot of time enhancing this suggestion... Time that I am never getting back.
    Very trivial challenge. Try passing up to rounds 46, no changing bloon ranks except MOAB is BFB, Hard mode, 7 towers limit, and 1 life.


    • Pyramids With Three

      Track: Pyramids
      Difficulty: Medium
      Levels: 40 - 80
      Lives: 150
      Starting Cash: $15,000
      Description: Can you pass 41 rounds with only three towers with no upgrade limits?
      Towers: Ace; Village; Spike Factory; Dartling
      Limits: All are 4/4; 2 of each; 3 towers max
      Agents: Agents allowed; None provided
      No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
      No Bloon Rank Change
      Reward: $55

      Tested NAPSFRI
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      • Glue Generator
        Only Glue Gunners are able to be fully upgraded. Pass rounds 40-65 on Medium. $8000 starting cash.
        Track: Jungle
        Towers: All except Ice Towers and Apprentices. (2|2 for all available towers except for Glue Gunners (4|4) and Super Monkeys (1|2).)
        Mode: Medium
        Cash: $8000
        Road Items: No
        Agents: None provided
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        • Upon the Frozen Sea
          Pass rounds 40-65 of Ice Flow Medium. Only Ice Towers are able to be fully upgraded. The others are 2|2. No Aquatic towers nor Ninja and Bombs. All BFBs are ZOMGs. $8000 starting cash.
          Track: Ice Flow
          Towers: All except Buccaneers, Subs, Ninjas, and Bomb Towers. 4|4 for Ice Towers and 2|2 for others.
          Mode: Medium
          Cash: $8000
          Road Items: No
          Agents: Allowed, none provided
          Do you remind "Upon the Boiling Sea" challenge 6 years ago?


          • Bombs Everywhere 2
            Rounds 1-24 Snowflake Medium with $700 starting cash. Bloons are +1 ranks. Do not leak any bloon.
            Towers: Bomb Tower, Mortar Tower (4|2)
            Towers max per class: 1
            Track: Snowflake
            Mode: Medium
            Cash: $700 ($1400 if 700 is not enough.)
            Lives: 1
            Bloon ranks:
            Red -> Blue
            Blue -> Green
            Green -> Yellow
            Yellow -> Pink
            Pink -> Black
            Black -> White
            White -> Lead
            The others are +1 rank as well.


            • Stolen! [tested]

              Lightening Scar, hard.
              Rounds 1-85.
              $850 Starting Cash.
              Reward: 150MM.

              Towers (3 of each): Tack Shooter, Ice Monkey, Monkey Ace, Spike Factory.
              Agents: SMS ok, no others, none provided.

              "Stolen! Rounds 1-85 with three of each tower: Tack Shooter, Ice Monkey, Monkey Ace, Spike Factory. No tower limits. By The Kiwi Ninja."

              NB. This was today's "hard" daily on Steam. I thought it was a lot of fun, and might be worth doing as a Daily. Difficulty wise, it's not a 150MM challenge, but I thought the length merited a decent reward---it's probably a 55-60MM challenge in reality. I completed it NAPSFRI***, NAPSFRILLS might be possible.


              • Constantly Changing Position

                Track: Clock
                Difficulty: Medium
                Levels: 40 - 80
                Lives: 150
                Starting Cash: $17,100
                Description: Based on my 'position' challenges, can you pass 39 levels with towers that are always moving?
                Towers: Ace; Dartling
                Limits: All are 4/4; 4 of each
                Agents: Agents allowed; None provided
                No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
                No Bloon Rank Change
                Reward: $55

                Tested NAPSFRI


                • M.B.A. (Master of Bloon Annihilation) [tested]

                  Starting Cash: 850
                  Health: 1
                  Start Round: 1
                  End Round: 86 (!)
                  Max No. of Towers: 5
                  Max Per Class: 1
                  Difficulty/Mode: Easy (Medium) (Hard??)
                  Track: Lobby
                  Agents: None allowed.
                  No Road Items!
                  Reward: 150

                  Which towers are available: All of them.
                  Which upgrades are available: No restrictions EXCEPT Ace limited to 3/3. (4/x Ace makes this trivial).
                  Bloon rank changes: All bloon ranks +1 except ZOMG

                  Red: +1
                  Blue: +1
                  Green: +1
                  Yellow: +1
                  Pink: +1
                  Black: +1
                  White: +1
                  Lead: +1
                  Zebra: +1
                  Rainbow: +1
                  Ceramic: +1
                  MOAB: +1
                  BFB: +1
                  ZOMG: 0

                  "Your mission...blah, blah, blah... Beat rounds 1-84 (86) on Lobby in Easy (Medium) mode.
                  1 of each tower, 5 total towers. Monkey Ace restricted to 3/3. All Bloon ranks +1 (ZOMG +0).
                  By BikerXTrash."


                  1. I tested this in Steam playing an "Easy" game in Mastery mode.
                  It should be easier in a browser game as cash flow is better.
                  For this reason consider upping the difficulty to Medium (or hard).
                  In Mastery mode I had to farm agressively, and choose and sell towers
                  carefully to make sure I had enough firepower for each round.

                  2. The challenge is making sure you have enough firepower
                  for 40, 46, 49, 60, and 65, and timing focus changes for the SM. It's pretty much
                  over once you get a Temple of the Monkey God (ca. round 72).
                  The challenge there is choosing towers to sacrifice. 71-86 go pretty fast,
                  so I would appreciate if they are included. 63 and 84 are epic. 86 will make your eyebrows go right up... Just sayin'
                  I know it would be unusual to have a DC go to 86, but 86 is hoot, and 85 is trivial.

                  2.a. If you are going to end the challenge on 85 please change the ZOMG rank to RED (-13).

                  3. For those who don't have the steam game this provides a taste of Mastery Mode. ; )

                  4. My solution:


                  Start: 0/0 Ninja.
                  1/0 Farm.
                  Ninja > 2/1.
                  Farm > 3/0.
                  0/0 App (Strong).
                  0/0 Village.
                  App > 2/2 (First).
                  Ninja > 4/2.
                  App > 2/3.
                  1/0 SM.
                  40: SM > 2/0. Village > 0/1 ASAP. SM to (Strong), then (First) when MOABs break.
                  SM > 2/2.
                  Village > 1/1.
                  43: SM to (Strong), then (First) when MOABs break.
                  46: Sell Ninja. SM > 2/3. Village > 2/1. SM to (Strong), then (First) when MOABs break.
                  47: 1/0 Spactory.

                  47-62: Alternate SM between (Strong) and (First) as needed.
                  Village > 3/1.
                  Farm > 4/2.
                  Spactory > 2/4. Use SS as often as it becomes available.
                  Village > 4/2.
                  SM > 2/4

                  63: Sell App. Buy 4/2 App. SM to (Strong). Use SS when there are 2 groups of MOABs on screen, and then when the middle starts to get crowded. Use SM ability when last group of MOABs is on inner circle.
                  65: SM to (Strong). SS when all MOABs are on screen, SM to (First). SM to (Strong) when MOABs are killed off. Use SS as soon as cooldown is up.
                  66-71: Use SS whenever cooldown is up. Flip SM between (Strong) and (First) as needed.
                  72: Sell everything except the village. Build 3 towers to sacrifice to the Monkey god. Build 4/2 SM. (I kept the 4/2 App and added a 4/2 Ice and 4/2 bomb).
                  73-86: Add 4 more towers (or not). I added a 4/2 Village, a 4/2 Bucc, and a 4/2 Spac. Better safe than sorry...

                  5. I couldn't do this on medium or hard Master Mode on Steam.
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                  • Eye of the Storm

                    Track: The Eye
                    Difficulty: Medium
                    Levels: 50-85
                    Lives: Default
                    Starting Cash: Default
                    Towers: 2|4 Tack, 2|4 Ace, 4|2 Apprentice, 2|4 Dartling, 2|4 Spactory
                    Agents: Allowed, none provided
                    Road Items: None
                    Bloons: Default
                    Reward: Default
                    : 26,800 AP (Level 44), Master of Blades
                    SAS 4: Level 100 Assault (x2), Medic, and Heavy
                    BTD 5: Rank 79
                    BMC: City levels 40/34
                    BTDB: ~3300 Battlescore


                    • The Great Manuever
                      Track: Monkey Lane
                      Difficulty: Easy
                      Levels: 45-65
                      Lives: 600
                      Starting Cash: 4000
                      Towers: Limited to 2/2, no farms
                      Agents: Allowed, none provided
                      Road Items: None
                      Bloons: Default
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                      • Radiant Challenge
                        Could you beat Z Factor on Hard from rounds 26-60 with only towers that attack by burst out the weapons? Meet ZOMG at the final wave. Some other bloon ranks are also changed.
                        Track: Z Factor
                        Mode: Hard
                        Towers: Tack Shooter, Ice Tower, Monkey Ace (3|4)
                        Max towers: 6
                        Cash: $6,000
                        Road Items: No
                        Bloon Rank:
                        Red +0
                        Blue +0
                        Green +0
                        Yellow +0
                        Pink +0
                        Black +0
                        White +0
                        Lead +1 (Zebra)
                        Zebra +1 (Rainbow)
                        Rainbow +1 (Ceramic)
                        Ceramic +0
                        MOAB +0
                        BFB +1 (ZOMG)
                        ZOMG +0


                        • Winnie the Bloon [tested] [and tested some more]

                          Maze, Medium.
                          Rounds 26-65
                          $0 Starting Cash.
                          Towers (5 of each): 4/1 Sniper, 1/2 Spike Factory, 0/0 Farm.
                          Agents: 5 Bee Keepers provided; 5 Meerkat Spies provided. SMS ok. No others.
                          Reward: 50MM.

                          "Winnie the Bloon. Beat Maze Medium using Beekeepers and Meerkats (provided), and 1x4/2 Spike Factory, 1x 4/1 Sniper, and a Banana Farm. Five of each tower. By BikerXTrash.

                          N.B. I have both Bee Keeper Pros and Meerkat Pros. I used the Bee Keeper ability extensively.
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                          • Bejeweled 2

                            Track: Tunnels
                            Difficulty: Medium
                            Levels: 40 - 81
                            Lives: 150
                            Starting Cash: $9,800
                            Description: Based on my original Bejeweled challenge, can you pass 40 rounds with towers and agents that resemble Bejeweled 2?
                            Towers: Boomerang; Bomb; Ice; Ace; Super; Farm; Mortar, Dartling; Spike Factory
                            Limits: 3/2 Boomerang; 4/2 Bomb; 3/3 Ice; 2/4 Ace; 2/2 Farm; 2/4 Mortar; 4/2 Dartling; 4/2 Spike Factory; 2 of each; 10 towers max
                            Agents: Agents allowed; 1 Bloonsday Device provided
                            No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
                            No Bloon Rank Change
                            Reward: $55

                            Tested NAPSRI
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                            • Zuma's Revenge

                              Track: Dune Sea
                              Difficulty: Medium
                              Levels: 30 - 65
                              Lives: 150
                              Starting Cash: $7,700
                              Description: Similar to the original challenge, can you pass 36 rounds with towers that represent the Zuma's Revenge game?
                              Towers: Sniper; Ice; Ace; Apprentice; Farm; Dartling
                              Limits: 4/4 Sniper; 3/2 Ice; 2/4 Ace; 4/2 Apprentice; 3/2 Farm; 3/3 Dartling; 2 of each
                              Agents: Agents allowed; None provided
                              No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
                              No Bloon Rank Change
                              Reward: $60

                              Tested NAPSRI


                              • Stunning! v2
                                Towers: Ninja (2|4), Sniper (4|2), Bomb (4|2), Mortar (2|4)
                                Starting Cash: $5500
                                Track: Fireworks
                                Rounds: 27 to 65
                                Difficulty: Medium
                                Lives: As Medium
                                Agents: None provided, but none banned.
                                Bloon changes: Reds, Blues, and Greens are now Blacks; Yellows and Pinks are Whites; Whites and Blacks are Zebras; Leads are Rainbows.

                                Red: 5
                                Blue: 4
                                Green: 3
                                Yellow: 3
                                Pink: 2
                                Black: 3
                                White: 2
                                Lead: 2
                                Zebra: 0
                                Rainbow: 0
                                Ceramic: 0
                                MOAB: 0
                                BFB: 0
                                ZOMG: 0

                                Tower limits?: 2 per tower.
                                Reward: Maybe 60 MM.
                                Tested?: I have already tried the first version and it seemed way too easy.
                                If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.