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  • Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but we don't want 1-round DCs (or similar) back. Last time we had one of those was in 2012.
    Everyone seems to talk about how stale daily challenges have been getting lately, so maybe a change would be nice! I guess only time will tell, since "we" aren't the ones chosing the daily challenges.
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    • Originally posted by sniper 355 View Post
      if you're at work, how did you have time to "test" that DC?

      and last time I checked, you can't test DCs with a lot of bloon rank changes.
      EDIT: Seen that edited back to one round. But I still really doubt a 1 round DC will be accepted, as there wasn't one since 2012.
      I tested while I wasn't at work? I'm not really sure what you are getting at here, but if we want to talk about my personal life we might want to take it to PM.

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      • Originally posted by CreeperSlimePig View Post
        Bombs Bombs Bombs
        Beat Rounds 1-65 on Brick Wall Easy using only Bombs and Mortars. Banana Farms allowed. 2500 starting cash.

        Track: Brick Wall.
        Difficulty: Easy
        Towers: 4/4 Bomb Tower and 4/4 Mortar Tower and 4/4 Banana Farm
        Agents: Meerkat Spy, Pontoon, Portable Lake (none provided).
        Rounds: 1-65
        Health: 175
        Cash: 2500
        Bloon Ranks: Unchanged

        NOTE: Frag Bombs/The Big One required to beat, due to black bloons.
        Challenge like this has been accepted.


        • Plus it's too long.
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          • Rink Revenge

            Beat the first 50 rounds on The Rink using only towers with hotkeys R, E, V, (E), N, and G, (E).

            Towers: Boomerang, Sniper, Farm, Dartling, and Super Monkey, all 4/4
            Starting Cash: 1300
            Lives: 75
            Difficulty: Medium
            Rounds: 1-50
            Agents: Only Meerkats and Pontoons allowed.
            Track: Rink
            Bloon Ranks: No change

            EDIT: Tested NAPS*RILL*
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            • onlinegamer321 I gave the challenge a few more goes with no success. If it really is possible without ninja, please email me a PM because I'm not seeing it. Looking forward to seeing what solution you got
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              • Your difficulty is medium, but I did the MOOOO on Easy using a 1/0 sniper.


                • So I was thinking my last challenge was probably too difficult for a daily challenge. And the luck involved in guessing which half of the screen the bloon would go to may be upsetting to some people. So I made a significantly easier version. Absolutely no luck.

                  Pop a lead bloon without losing any lives!

                  Starting Cash: $700
                  Lives: 1
                  Start Round: 60
                  End Round: 60
                  Difficulty: Medium
                  Track: Down the Drain
                  Towers: All available except for Glue
                  Agents: Banned
                  Road Items: Banned
                  Bloon ranks:

                  Red: 0 red
                  Blue: -1 red
                  Green: -2 red
                  Yellow: -3 red
                  Pink: -4 red
                  Black: -5 red
                  White: -6 red
                  Lead: -7 red
                  Zebra: -8 red
                  Rainbow: -9 red
                  Ceramic: -10 red
                  MOAB: -11 red
                  BFB: -5 LEAD
                  ZOMG: -13 red

                  Reward: $75

                  Completed NAPS.
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                  • Tacky Monkey Club
                    Only the cheapest upgrade is available for each tower. No upgrades available for Monkey Villages. Pass rounds 1-40 on Easy without farms or Super Monkeys. 4 of each tower, 10 max.
                    Track: Firework
                    Mode: Easy
                    Lives: 80
                    Rounds: 1-40
                    Cash: 650
                    Towers: Dart Monkey 1|0, Tack Shooter 0|1, Sniper 1|0, Boomerang 0|1, Ninja 0|1, Bomb 1|0, Ice 0|1, Glue 0|1, Buccaneer 1|0, Ace 0|1, Apprentice 1|1, Village 0|0, Mortar 1|0, Dartling 1|0, Spike Factory 1|0, Sub 1|0
                    Road Items: No
                    Agents: One portable lake for free.
                    Bloon Ranks: Unchanged
                    Tested! NAPSFRILLS.
                    I think challenge can decrease towers limit to 8.
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                    • Still No Pop Sound

                      Track: Clock
                      Difficulty: Medium
                      Levels: 28 - 65
                      Lives: 200
                      Starting Cash: $13,900
                      Description: Based on my "Not A Pop Sound" challenge, can you beat 37 rounds with towers that when popping bloons, don't make pop sounds?
                      Towers: Bomb; Ice; Glue; Village; Farm; Mortar
                      Limits: 1/4 Bomb; 1/2 Ice; 1/4 Glue; 3/4 Village; 4/4 Farm; 4/1 Mortar; 8 of each; 20 towers max
                      Agents: Agents allowed; None Provided
                      No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
                      No Bloon Rank Change
                      Reward: $60

                      Tested NAPSRI


                      • Ice Melts
                        The Rink on Medium from round 26 to 60
                        Starting Cash: 3000
                        Health: 150
                        Start Round: 26
                        End Round: 60
                        Max No. of Towers: 5
                        Max Per Class: N/A
                        Difficulty/Mode: Medium
                        Track: The Rink
                        Available Towers/Upgrades: Ice Tower (2/4) and Bomb Tower (2/4).
                        Available Agents: 1 Meerkat Spy provided.
                        Bloon Ranks: All normal

                        Based off a Drake song from More Life (Ice Melts ft. Young Thug)

                        Tested NAP*FRI (but can be NAP*FRILLS with accurate reselling)

                        Last edited by GyalChester; 22-10-17, 10:10 PM.


                        • Its called "Operation D.A.R.T.Z" Daily challenge easy monkey lane with only dart monkeys and banna farms sstart and end remains same starting cash 1000 and health 300 no metal ballons


                          • Tricky Portal
                            Beat rounds 31-60 with only two towers of each. All limited to 3|3.
                            Track: Crypt Keeper
                            Mode: Easy
                            Cash: $6800
                            Towers: All (Limited to 3|3)
                            Road Items: No
                            Max per class: 2
                            Agents: Allowed, No provided.
                            Bloon Rank: Unchanged.
                            Crypt Keeper is super hard to handle, so I intend to make this challenge quite easy. If it is still hard, add starting cash.


                            • Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta
                              Archipelago rounds 25-60
                              Starting Cash: $6000
                              Health: 150
                              Start Round: 25
                              End Round: 63
                              Max No. of Towers: 6
                              Max Per Class: 3
                              Difficulty/Mode: Medium
                              Track: Archipelago
                              Available Towers/Upgrades: Monkey Buccaneers (Both paths)
                              Available Agents: 3 Tribal Turtles provided.
                              Bloon Ranks: All normal

                              The title and the challenge are based on Columbus's voyage in 1492 to "India". The names in the title are Columbus's three ships. The turtles represent the natives he met in Florida, Cuba, and the Keys.

                              Tested N*P*FRI(Lost a few lives on 49 and 55. 50 and 59 are also tricky.) (Feel free to change starting cash.)


                              • Bloonin' (Tested!)

                                Track: Skull Peak, Hard.
                                Starting Cash: $0.
                                Health: 40.
                                Start Round: 26.
                                End Round: 85.
                                Towers: One of each: Super Monkey; Monkey Ace; 4/1 Dartling.
                                Agents: 1 Beekeeper and 1 Tribal Turtle provided. No others allowed.
                                Reward: 55MM

                                "Bloonin' 26-85 on Skull Peak, Hard. One of each tower: Super Monkey, Monkey Ace; 4/1 Dartling.
                                One Beekeeper and one Tribal Turtle provided. By biker_trash"

                                Another Grateful Dead inspired DC. Bears, tortoises, and skulls are all part of the Dead's iconography. The title is a riff on their song Truckin' 40 lives for 40 years of touring.