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Scream & Shout - Dec. 27, 2017

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  • Scream & Shout - Dec. 27, 2017

    Down the Drain, Easy.
    $5000 Starting Cash.

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    23.5 hours and no posts. I see no one else is having much luck with this either.


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      I'll admit I was too scared to try this one. All of gamzdude's daily challenges are intense dartling micro challenges, and with this map....well I have enough trouble beating it normally.
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        NAPS starting with a 2/3 sub and 4 glues in each circle. A 1/2 sniper for round 33 and 4 ninjas for 37. Otherwise it is farming whenever possible and add / upgrade the subs and ninjas when needed up to round 51.
        Upgrade to 2/3 sniper and add 2x 2/1 dartling for round 52 and target the MOABs with the dartlings.
        I managed to get a 4/2 farm by 54 or 55.
        Upgrade the dartlings to 2/3 before round 59.
        Sell all the farms after round 62 and get 2 more 2/3 dartlings, 1 more 2/3 sniper and a 2/2 ice, 0/2 boomer (strong), 2/3 DM in each circle. Dartling micro is very important here.
        Get a 2/4 DM for 64.

        Just 30+ lives remaining after finishing 65.


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          The Unofficial Bloons Channel has a good strategy for this one and wins, but uses something that creates a shadow ninja ability.