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First Strike Incapability - Dec 26, 2017

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  • First Strike Incapability - Dec 26, 2017

    Rounds 1-40 Mount Magma Easy with all towers and road spikes available. (4|3 for Subs) 1 Portable Lake, 1 Bloonberry Bush, and 1 Angry Squirrel provided.
    $650 starting cash and 200 lives.
    50MM reward.
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    Similarly to yesterday's I farmed fairly hard! Started with a 0-0 Ninja (and the squirrel) and got 3 farms. Upped the Ninja to 3-1 and added an apprentice for leads, then got all three farms to 3-0. Sold the farms for a 4-2 farm around level 32-33.

    Sold the farms after I collected the bananas on 40 and bought a 4-1 Sniper (first) and 2-4 Super (strong) under a 2-1 Village. Used the ability after all the ZOMGs went down to BFBs.


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      I didn't even realize there were agents provided lol. Completed NAPSFRILL without them. Ninja-mortar start, then mass farming ending up with 2-4 super also.


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        How get 2|4 SM in time? I can never do it so I use SMS at the last round,


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          Fun challenge. With the provided agents and a dart monkey start, you can farm very heavily early on.
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            This was a challenge I suggested ages ago:

            Originally posted by AFN7 View Post
            First Strike Incapability:

            With all towers enabled but First Strike Capability, beat rounds 1-40 on Hard on Mount Magma where Ceramics are ZOMGs. One Portable Lake, Angry Squirrel, and Bloonberry Bush provided. 3 of each tower, 12 max.
            Starting Cash: $650
            Lives: 100
            Rounds: 1-40
            Difficulty: Hard
            Track: Mount Magma
            Available Towers: All towers enabled at 4/4, except for Monkey Sub, which is 4/3
            Tower Limits: 3 of each tower, 12 max
            Road Items: Disabled
            Agents: Enabled, 1 Portable Lake, Angry Squirrel, and Bloonberry Bush provided
            Bloon Ranks:
            Red: 0
            Blue: 0
            Green: 0
            Yellow: 0
            Pink: 0
            Black: 0
            White: 0
            Lead: 0
            Zebra: 0
            Rainbow: 0
            Ceramic: +3 (ZOMG)
            MOAB: 0
            BFB: 0
            ZOMG: 0

            I can tell this should be possible by using a Sabotage on the ZOMGs, waiting for the BFB's to be severely damaged, and then using a Ground Zero on 40. I got about 26,500 cash on the end of round 39 but lost a few more lives after selling everything, but without using the Agents. I'm not that good a player, though, so you should be able to get 35-40K by round 40 without Pro Agents. I got about that much while losing 50 or so Premium Lives, but with Pro Agents. Again, I'm not very good, so this should probably be possible.

            NOTE: If this seems impossible, then I could enable a Meerkat Spy as well.

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              I took this to 63 and died. The stream of children from broken MOABs walked through three rays of doom and three robo monkeys. I had $850k left.