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Banana Buffet - Dec. 19, 2017

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  • Banana Buffet - Dec. 19, 2017

    Country Road, Hard.
    $6000 Starting Cash.

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    That was a fun challenge. I enjoyed it. Lost just over 20 lives and used Ace specialty building (which is over-powered on this map if you have an Ace circling in middle of the circle). Only selling I did was farms to upgrade to a banana factory. Not too difficult unless you are aiming for NAPSFRILLS (not sure it is possible without selling farms to upgrade to Factory).


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      Thanks for the tip on the Ace. At first I couldn't get this and was overly frustrated (who doesn't like upgrades?) but once I started using aces with the specialty building I'll admit, the challenge became reasonable and fun.


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        Couple additional hints, the mortar saves a lot of money rather than buying several mages (to fight leads). You just have to remember to move its aimpoint every stage. Easy to forget.

        Two ninjas can handle the yellow camo stage in case you can't afford the hut camo upgrade yet.

        Make sure your mortar has camo detection from the hut for 59, or there's always the SMS.

        I ended with 6 aces and 8 supers.