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Syrup Shipping - Dec 13, 2017

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  • Syrup Shipping - Dec 13, 2017

    Rounds 30 - 65 on Express Shipping Medium
    Starting cash: 4000; Starting lives: 150
    Reward: 65
    Towers: Boomerang Thrower, Bomb Tower, and Glue Gunner; up to 3 of each or 7 total
    All agents allowed
    Provided: 1 Meerkat
    Bloon rank changes: Red -> Ceramic, Blue -> Ceramic, Green -> Ceramic, Yellow -> Ceramic, Pink -> Ceramic, Black -> Ceramic, White -> Ceramic, Lead -> Ceramic, Zebra -> Ceramic, Rainbow -> Ceramic, MOAB -> Ceramic, BFB -> ZOMG
    By BP101697

    Fun challenge, and a nice change of pace from the recent daily's. I completed this challenge NAPS NLL. I was at NAPSFRILLS up until round 60, but then I sold some things to better deal with the blimps. My start was a 2-1 glue and 3-0 bomb. Once you get the 3-2 glue you are pretty much set until round 60. Well done BP.
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    I decided to come back to this game and do the DC because some people deemed it impossible a few minutes after looking at it. Turns out you can do it NAPSFRILLS. lol.

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      I refined my strategy a little bit. Completed it NLL with the glue gunner specialty. one 4-2 glue can solo all the way to round 59, and then for rounds 60 and 65, buy and sell one moab assassin. You should never have more than one bomb an one glue on the map at the same time.
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        Appears as a 75 MM challenge in my eyes. It looks dauntingly difficult but turns out only moderately difficult.
        If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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          My complaint is that it is too long. The only difficult parts are the ZOMGs.


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            Very odd challenge. First few rounds are very tricky (I found a 2-1 Glue and a 3-0 boomer worked best to start), but then there's about 25 rounds of boredom! After 33 I just deleted all my towers except three 3-2 Glues and yawned through to 60, where it got interesting again!

            For 60 and 65 start with all three 2-4 bombs, use the abilities, then repeatedly sell and rebuy. I rebought the glues after all the MOABs were popped.
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              Fun challenge. It's just getting started that's tricky. I did:
              30: 2/1 glue (strong) with 2/3 boomer (strong)
              31: Sell boomer, 2/1 glue -> 3/1 glue
              32: 3/1 glue -> 3/2 glue

              After that you have money to do whatever you want. Utilize your free meercat for camos, get rid of it at 63. I bought and resold 0/4 bombers to help with the MOABs, probably not even necessary.


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                Could have started at round 60 with $150K. The first 30 rounds are a waste. I ended up using a SMS on 65 b/c I couldn't sell/rebuy fast enough.


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                  Very enjoyable challenge: took me 3 tries, so for me this was the right amount of difficulty.
                  I used combination of maulers, glue everything and some sell-rebuys to exterminate the ZOMGs