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Bangin' Burst - Oct 12, 2017

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  • Bangin' Burst - Oct 12, 2017

    Rounds 50 - 65 on Fireworks Hard with 2 of each: 3/4 Dartlings, 4/2 Spike Factories, 3/3 Buccaneers, 0/4 Subs, 0/3 Ninjas, 1/3 Super Monkeys, Bomb Shooters, and Mortars. 1 Portable Lake Provided. 16 towers max. Red through Yellow and Leads are all Pinks, Zebras and Rainbows are Ceramics, MOAB-classes are up one rank. By Original Otaku
    Starting Cash: 20000

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku View Post
    How does one make possible 10/10 difficulty challenges?

    Bangin' Burst
    Description: 16 rounds on Fireworks, Hard with the given towers and agents.

    Starting Cash: $7209
    Health: 61
    Rounds: 50-65
    Towers: Bomb Cannons (4/4), Dartling Guns (3/4), Spactories (4/2), Mortars (4/4), Buccaneers (3/3), Monkey Subs (0/4), Ninjas (0/3), Super Monkeys (1/3). 16 max towers, 2 of each tower.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Track: Fireworks
    Agents?: Angry Squirrels and Portable Lakes only. Provided 1 of each.
    Road Items?: Exploding Pineapples only.
    MM Reward: $61
    Test State: Not yet.

    Bloon Ranks:
    Red: +4 (Pink)
    Blue: +3 (Pink)
    Green: +2 (Pink)
    Yellow: +1 (Pink)
    Pink: 0
    Black: +1 (White)
    White: 0
    Lead: -3 (Pink)
    Zebra: +2 (Ceramic)
    Rainbow: +1 (Ceramic)
    Ceramic: 0
    MOAB: +1 (BFB)
    BFB: +1 (ZOMG)
    ZOMG: 0

    Notes: Based on Bangin' Burst, a song by Camellia, and was a very hard song on Sound Voltex II. 2 of each tower due to name, and 16 is the level difficulty. MM reward is 16 backwards plus the difficulty. 16 rounds and 61 lives also. Cash is 2403 (max combo/chain of the song) times three. I also don't care about the bloon ranks of those earlier bloons Really want someone to test this...
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    I love you bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.

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    Not too hard. It took me a few tries to get past the initial rounds, but then easier sailing. Sold everything in round 65 to buy x/4 subs to kill the two ZOMBs. Might have survived without selling, but subs are a sure thing!


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      Oh gosh, it looks difficult.
      If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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        Easy NAPSFRILL - sold for 0-4 subs on the ZOMG rounds.

        Starting with a 3-1 Dartling and a few Buccs worked the best for me.


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          Fun challenge! Completed "non-pro NAPSFRILLS" with no abilities. Just ignore the super monkeys and mortars, and everything works out just fine.
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