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The Company of Loners - Oct 11, 2017

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  • The Company of Loners - Oct 11, 2017

    Rounds 50 - 61 with 1 of each tower limited to 2/4: Ninja, Tack Shooter, and Spike Factory. One Bloonsday Device provided. By Albert3105
    Starting Cash: 35000

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Albert3105 View Post
    The Company of Loners

    Track: MOAB Desert
    Difficulty: Hard
    Levels: 50~65
    Lives: 100
    Starting Cash: 35000
    Towers: 2/4 spike factory, 2/4 tack shooter, 2/4 ninja.
    Limits: 1 each.
    Agents: Portable Lake x1
    Bloon Rank Change: none

    Inspired by "The Company of Myself."
    Ratings, Accepted DCs, My NK Mods, Friday the 13th - NK Day of the Dead
    Originally posted by Cupid Monkey
    I love you bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.

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    Weird challenge that basically involves spamming abilities! Word of warning, save BDD for round 61 as it's almost impossible to sell/rebuy quick enough to not be overwhelmed by regens!


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      You can beat it without Tack Shooters if you sell and rebuy (assuming you have Bloonsday Pro). On 60, let the BFB take its sweet time to go around to let the Bloonsday device charge up for 61.


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        Tried to do without reselling. Couldn't.

        Got to round 56 though!