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Fake Restrictions - Oct 7, 2017

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  • Fake Restrictions - Oct 7, 2017

    Rounds 35 - 65 on Snowflake Medium with all towers limited to 2/2 except for unlimited Ice Towers and Boomerang Throwers. One of each tower, 5 max. By Superbloons321
    Starting Cash: 9000
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    I knew this was going to be an SB321 DC judging from the title itself!
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    What an epic fail of a quote:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku
    If you see the challenge made by the notable users incogneato, sniper 355, The Supermonkey (formerly JamesNg2), lla26, Gamzdude, or Superbloons321 (formerly Simone Esposito), you better run for your life.


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      N*PSFRI***. Used a SMS on 64.


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        I had a little chuckle...In the daily description the author is Superb Loons and not Super Bloons 321.


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          *Inserts facedesk picture*

          If you want a better version of this, it's the Snow Patrol DC back in March. This belongs in the trash bin and should have stayed skipped.
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          Originally posted by Kodak Black
          Uh, I'm the s***, I need some toilet paper


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            Ah, I seem to have passed this NAPS.

            For 64, I had a 2/2 village covering most of the pentagon, with a 2/2 SM (strong) at the center, a 4/2 Boomerang and a 4/2 Ice at the upper left corner, and a 2/2 dartling at the lower left corner which was aiming at the MOABs initially, then the zebras / whites when the MOABs had popped.

            For 65, I sold the dartling and put a 1/2 spike factory near the right upper corner, within the radius of the village.
            Then sold the spike factory and village once the MOABs appeared, and bought a 2/2 sub (strong) and a 2/2 dartling.

            It seems that the attachment function is not working, otherwise I can post the screenshot as a proof.


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              Superbloons321 Here you go.
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                Fun challenge, done NAPS. Superbloons321 Stop being so down on yourself, this was a really good suggestion!
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                  Came back for this one, haven't played in aeons.

                  Not a bad challenge. Good to see everyone again. Even is lots have seemed to have left. Gamzdude etc.
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