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Who's Got More Vertigo? - Sept.30, 2017

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  • Who's Got More Vertigo? - Sept.30, 2017

    3 Times Around, Hard.
    50MM Reward.
    $5000 to start.

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    Pro BDD kills so much tedium here, without it would be a so muvh road spike mashing.

    RCD: 1/10 (Spam Road Spikes, is reduced with pro BDD)
    Rating: 3/10 (3.5/10 With Pro)

    Anyways insetad of the usual Rate and leave. I have an announcement today is the last DC I'm doing officially for BTD5.

    The DC picks, the broken system, and me getting tired & board of doing them in general, makes me relize I think i wasted enough time on them, I really was just doing them for the 40AP, but even now that's not enough, so I hope everyone has good uck on future DC's It was fun, but all things must come to an end.
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      Completed this challenge NLL with the non-pro bloonsday device. One of my favorite challenges we have had in a long time.
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        Sad to see you go, Gamzdude. Hopefully BTD6 will come out soon and we can have fun new challenges to look forward to.


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          also easy DC with pro BDD.

          Difficulty: 2/10
          Enjoyability: 4/10

          about DCs... they're dying. Many people ran out of ideas already. The only reason I'm still doing DC is the 40 AP at the end of each month. But thing is... the lastest vault is March. 5 vaults are missing. I really hope they come out next month.

          and I hope BTD6 will also have good DCs like BTD5 in the glory days had.
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            Prepping everything for dying flash + mobile move. Not surprised, this game is very old anyhow. Maybe a little surprised they seem to have forgotten the vaults, though I haven't cared for a long time either.


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              Thanks Gamzdude. Farewell.