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We Need More Power! - Sept. 29, 2017

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  • We Need More Power! - Sept. 29, 2017

    Rink Revenge, Medium.
    Reward: 50MM.
    $2000 cash to start.

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    Easy if just going for NAPS, no selling is a different story though.

    NAPS, Sold for Robo, with no sell I crippled to just 7 lives by 49, due to luck.

    RCD: 3/10
    Rating: 4.5/10
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    Status: Rank- 38, Ap-15255 , BTD5- Rank 78, BMC: City One Lv 34, City Two Lv 27, FD: 3 Lv 40 ships, and 1 lv 15 Corvette. SAS4: Lv 93A


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      finished NAPSFRIS, also wasn't really hard. Got a Robo by round 52. For 63 I used 2 maelstroms and 1 phoenix. 64 doesn't require abilities.

      difficulrt: 3.5/10
      Enjoyability: 5/10
      I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
      BTD5 Rank: 99. Cities: 40/40. Knowledge: all Maxed
      my challenges, overhauled ratings
      If you need help testing DCs, send me a PM and I'll help you.


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        I completed this challenge with the sniper monkey specialty building. Not too hard, a fun challenge, and the map is one of my favorites!
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          Easy NAPS, but I both farmed and sold.

          Starting with a 1-2 Sub worked best for me.