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Erebus - Sep 20, 2017

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  • Erebus - Sep 20, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 61 on Express Shipping Hard with 1 of each: 4/2 Glue Gunner, 2/4 Mortar, and Bomb Shooter. By Original Otaku
    Starting Cash: 2000

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku View Post
    Description: 26-61 on Express Shipping, Hard with a Glue Gunner, Cannon, and Mortar. By Original Otaku

    Starting Cash: $2000
    Lives: 100
    Rounds: 26-61
    Towers: Glue Gunner (4/2), Cannon (4/4), Mortar (2/4). 1 of each.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Track: Express Shipping
    Agents?: Yes; but none provided.
    Road Items?: No.
    MM Reward: $125
    Test State: Tested NAPS-73LL.

    ~ Bloon Ranks Unchanged ~

    Based on the Top 1 Demon Level in Geometry Dash, Erebus. (mechanical stuff + radioactive/corrosive things)

    Requires some micro with the mortar in the beginning, some easy bloon rounds, then MOAB/ceramic tracking.

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    NAPSFRILL save 3 live from a green on 61

    RCD: 3.5/10 (55MM I only found 58 & 61 to a lesser extent to be "hard".)
    Rating: 4/10 (Quite easy, plus the track makes it even more of a snooze IMO.)
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      the disproportionately large size of that banner makes me really unsettled

      anyways, NAPSFRILLS.

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        *walks in*
        this level should not be top 1:
        Anyway, while I wanted to make more DCs, this is my absolute last one as I am moving on to new private challenges. Good bye.

        (I'm not leaving don't worry)
        I'm just a Quick Procrastinator who should be working on their homework.

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          NAPSFRI*** Leaked one on the first round.


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            This was a quick fun one. Odd combo of towers to me anyway. Lost a few lives and did some buying and selling.