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Invisible - Sept 17, 2016

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  • Invisible - Sept 17, 2016

    26-70 with 2 of each: Snipers, Boomers, 4/2 ice, 2/4 glue, 1/4 farm, mortars and 4/2 subs.

    Map: Dune Sea Hard

    By Sniper 355

    100 MM reward

    Originally posted by sniper 355 View Post
    26-70 with 2 of each snipers, boomers, 4/2 Ice towers, 2/4 glue, 1/4 Farms, Mortars and 4/2 subs.

    track/difficulty: Dune Sea, Hard
    Cash: 5000
    rounds: 26-65
    Towers: snipers, boomers, 4/2 Ice towers, 2/4 glue, 1/4 Farms, Mortars and 4/2 subs. 2 of each.
    agents: all, none provided

    fully tested and possible. Late rounds require some selling and using abilities. I'd say 90 MM Reward.

    based on towers that have invisible attacks (sub is reactor, glue and boomers are due MIB CTA Glitch). And also on the Song "Invisible" by Linkin Park.
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    It's 2017 now.
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      Something is wrong this is supposed to end on 65, due to 66 pretty much being not possible, 66 may be possible, but if it is it'll be inconsistent & LB as heck, just having to beat 65 needed alot of selling to beat. In the mean time probably will only beat up to 65, and not worry about the other 5 rounds.
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        How do you guys set the target priority for the snipers and subs? Mostly strong or first? Strong on heavy moab rounds? I think I'm not winning this DC because I'm not using the target priority well.