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Honey Heights - Sep 11, 2017

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  • Honey Heights - Sep 11, 2017

    Rounds 20 - 61 on Skull Peak Hard with three of each tower limited to 3/3. Use the two Beekeepers provided to help you in the early rounds. By BP101697

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by BP101697 View Post
    Honey Heights
    Pass Skull Peak from rounds 20-61 of Hard with Dart Monkeys, Tack Shooters, Boomerang Throwers, and Bomb Towers. 3 of each tower. No tier 4 upgrades allowed. No starting cash but 2 Beekeepers provided.
    Track: Skull Peak
    Mode: Hard
    Towers: Dart Monkey (3|3), Tack Shooter (3|3), Boomerang Thrower (3|3), Bomb Tower (3|3)
    Agents: 2 Beekeepers provided
    Road Items: No
    Starting Cash: 0
    Max per class: 3
    Bloon Rank: Unchanged
    The challenge name is from an episode in Candy Crush Saga, and towers are from special bloon types in Bloons 2.
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    NAPS (Yes leaked a bit and bought a wrong upgrade forcing me to sell), though in JM's mod, but honstely mod or not it's soo easy, just place stuff & win

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    Rating: 3/10
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      Think this one either had a too-high tower limit (maybe 2 of each?) or ended too soon. NAPSFRILLS up to 64, and then only just died on 65.