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High Treason - Sep 10, 2017

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  • High Treason - Sep 10, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 65 on Drag Strip Medium with 4 of each: Dart Monkeys, Ice Towers, Boomers, and Dartlings. By Albert3105
    Starting Cash: 5000
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Albert3105 View Post
    High Treason

    Starting Cash: $5000
    Starting Lives: 150
    Start Round: 26
    End Round: 65
    Max No. of Towers: N/A
    Max Per Class: 3
    Difficulty/Mode: Medium
    Track: Drag Strip
    Available Towers/Upgrades: Ice towers, Boomerang throwers, Dart monkeys, Dartling Guns.
    Available Agents: All, none Provided
    Bloon Ranks: All normal

    Tested NAPS:

    Don't fast forward.

    2/3 boomer, 2 0/0 dartlings; one on bottom and one on top
    Dartlings to 0/1 > 1/1
    31 and 32: point dartlings at one entrance, count to two, switch entrances, count to two, rinse and repeat.
    Both dartlings to 2/1
    Third 2/1 dartling
    2 1/1 ices
    Turbo 43 and the rainbows in 45
    Third dartling to 2/2 > 2/3
    Bottom dartling to 3/1
    3 0/3 dart monkeys strong
    52: One dart monkey to 0/4 ASAP, SMFC the MOABs
    53: SMFC the MOABs
    54: Sell-rebuy an SMFC, turbo + SMFC
    57: Last 2/1 dartling to 3/1; SMFC MOABs; to deal with the first pair, focus dartlings on one of the MOABs at a time to have them break at different times.
    58: SMFC is optional
    60: SMFC the BFB. Be extra careful with the dartlings.
    61: Second 0/3 dart monkey > 0/4. SMFC + turbo.
    62: SMFC, kill three MOABs, SMFC again.
    64: Sell the remaining 0/3 dart monkey and rebuy it as 2/0 first. Spread out damage to MOABs with dartlings and turbo, press the SMFC button twice and SJFC on first.
    65: Sell the juggernaut and rebuy the dart monkey as 2/0 again. Kill the three MOABs the same way as 57, except with double SMFC. When only BFBs are left, sell both SMFCs, rebuy those two dart monkeys as 0/4 and 0/0. SMFC, then immediately sell the 0/4 dart monkey, rebuy the 0/4 dart monkey, SMFC again, and immediately upgrade the other two dart monkeys to 4/0 to make an SJFC, and, with your dartlings, attack the BFB that the SJFCs are NOT attacking. Might need to buy an extra turbo charge for more popping power.

    Before 64:

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    A DC with Dartlings on Drag Race - how fun this sounds >_>


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      Any clues?


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        Got it but Normal game only

        Key is to have 4 dartling and Ice in back, get SMFC by 53 then sell for a second stack it for 64 & 65 with AW in back, needs very good dartling aim

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