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Super Monkey Odyssey - Sep 9, 2017

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  • Super Monkey Odyssey - Sep 9, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 65 on Pyramids Hard with 2 of each: 3/3 Snipers, Buccaneers, 3/3 Monkey Apprentices, 2/4 Mortars, 2/4 Dartlings, and 2/4 Subs. By macias x
    Starting Cash: 4000
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by macias x View Post
    First time posting something here. Sorry if my grammar is not the best but english is not my main language.


    Towers and upgrades:
    3/3 monkey sniper, 4/4 monkey pirate, 3/3 monkey apprentice, 2/4 mortar tower, 2/4 dartling gun, 2/4 monkey sub. 2 of each tower. No road items.
    Starting cash: 5000
    Lives: Unchange
    Rounds: 26 - 65
    Mode: Medium
    Track: Piramids
    Agents: Allowed but no provided
    Bloons ranks: Unchange

    I already tested and it is very easy challenge. 50MM it will be good.

    About the challenge: By the title is very obvious of what game I am referring. Just using monkeys that start wearing a hat with upgrades that will keep the hat or changed for another one. Too bad that the only city track is a extreme one so i have to go with piramids, the second best option so is perfect in that way.
    Inspired by.... :

    I assume?
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    Easy DC. Many of my favorite towers.
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      NAPSFRILLS easy DC.

      RCD; 3/10 (50MM)
      Rating: 4.5/10
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        I thought this challenge was harder than $55, but then I realized people are probably using dartlings and subs which I'd rather not draw from as my freebies will automatically get used...

        Stuck to snipers, boats, and wizards.