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Bejeweled - Sep 7, 2017

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  • Bejeweled - Sep 7, 2017

    Rounds 40 - 81 on Country Road Medium with 2 of each: 3/2 Boomers, 3/3 Ice Towers, 2/4 Mortars, 2/2 Supers, 2/2 Farms, 4/2 Dartlings, and 4/2 Spike Factories. 8 towers max. By rtgargoyle2
    Starting Cash: 9800
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by rtgargoyle2 View Post

    Track: Country Road
    Difficulty; Medium
    Levels: 40 - 81
    Lives: 150
    Starting Cash: $9,800
    Description: Can you pass 42 rounds with towers in where their colors represent the colors of the Bejeweled pieces?
    Towers: Boomerang; Ice; Super; Farm; Mortar; Dartling; Spike Factory
    Limits: 3/2 Boomerang; 3/3 Ice; 2/2 Super; 2/2 Farm; 2/4 Mortar; 4/2 Dartling; 4/2 Spike Factory: 2 of each; 8 towers max
    Agents: Agents allowed; None provided
    No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
    No Bloon Rank Change
    Reward: $60

    Tested NAPSRI
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    NAPSFRIS In JM's mod, don't think it'll be much different in real game given the towers Laser cannon would be cheaper though, and seeing how the DC still has not loaded after 3/1/2 hours I'm not even going to bother waiting anymore.

    I used 2 Spiked Mines 2 Laser cannon, PAW on 77, 80, 81, and an AW and Ice Shards to support the Spiked Mines. Used a 2/2 Super for Back Up.
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      NAPSRILL on the real deal, Spiked Mines were too weak there. Hate when I make it to the final round and have to redo the whole DC again when it's of this length. zzzzzz....

      RCD: 4.75/10
      Difficulty: 3.21/10
      Enjoyability: 3.57/10
      Final Verdict: 4.995/10 (So-so, B-)

      Driven Progress: 89/90 (Looks like I accidentally added a day somewhere, because I'm currently at 98%.)
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        NAPSFRI**S. Leaked 5 on 80...


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          I don't think sniper will do his tradition, but still...
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          Originally posted by Original Otaku
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            from memory...
            3/1 dartling and 0/0 spactory where the 4/2 is
            added 0/1 -> 2/2 super
            upgraded dartling to 3/2 before 45
            added 3/2 ice while upgrading spactory to 4/2; not sure of the exact sequence.
            added and upgraded second super, second spactory, and second ice
            added mortar to deal with camos on 78, but I think the 4/2 spactory was enough.
            used artillery battery a few times when MOABs and BFBs were about get past the ice.


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              Fun challenge. I farmed fairly hard, and managed NAPS NLL first attempt. Sold and rebought P&A quite a lot during 81!


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                ^ Same (Well for the most part.)
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