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Sinking Feeling - Sep 5, 2017

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  • Sinking Feeling - Sep 5, 2017

    Rounds 30 - 70 on Water Hazard Medium with all towers limited to 3/3 except Ninjas and Super Monkeys. 11 towers max. Red to Green bloons are up 2 ranks. Yellow to Black, Zebra, and MOABs are up 1 rank. By CandyEvie
    Starting Cash: 5000

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by CandyEvie View Post
    Name: Sinking Feeling
    Map: Water Hazard
    Description: Medium Rounds 30-75 on Water Hazard with only 90 lives. Ninja and Super Monkey are disabled and everything else is limited to 3/3. Bloons have been changed for a varied challenge. You start with 4,500 cash.
    Health: 90
    Starting Cash: 4500
    Difficulty: Medium
    Start Round: 30
    End Round: 75
    Banned Towers: Ninja, Super Monkey
    Limitations: All towers limited to 3/3
    Bloon Ranks:
    Red: +3 (Yellow)
    Blue: +2 (Yellow)
    Green: +2 (Pink)
    Yellow: +1 (Pink)
    Pink: +1 (Black)
    Black: +1 (White)
    White: 0 (White)
    Lead: 0 (Lead)
    Zebra: +1 (Rainbow)
    Rainbow: 0 (Rainbow)
    Ceramic: 0 (Ceramic)
    MOAB: -1 (Ceramic)
    BFB: -1 (MOAB)
    ZOMG: -1 (BFB)

    Editor Notes from Testing: If you find the starting lives a little too low, then I would recommend using Healthy Bananas because you receive extra lives per upgrade level per round. I also recommend NOT using an Ice Tower as both Blacks and Whites in a traditional Medium game are now both Whites. However, if you still wish to stall bloons, you can rely on Glue Gunners. I'd also recommend Monkey Subs as they have the upgrade to fire in the range of other towers when you upgrade 2|x at least. They can also be good for if you need a way to give camo to your towers using the 3|x upgrade whilst submerged. This will help with combating the inability to use the Ninja Monkey.
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    Actually not bad, Dartling spam,and 2/3 Spike factories take care of it just fine


    RCD: 4/10 (60MM Some selling, but then you can just Spam dartlings and win, have some sherders and a Village to support them AW for safty.)
    Rating: 5/10 (Dartling spam mostly, not really that fun TBH.)
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      An ice at each tip of land plus mass dartlings under a village on the last island. Two 2/3 spike factories on the bridge and I can cruise to 66. Maybe if my aim was better but it takes so long to get there I'm not trying again.


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        After Aaron made a mistake with the DC, I had a sinking feeling it wouldn't be possible NAPS...

        but fortunately, it is.

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          Just as I'm about to give up NAPS comes a solution with dartling spam, yay!
          At this point better to keep the tower limit.

          Gotta love Aaron's creativity when it's ironic, lel.
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            Fun challenge concept, but I'm really struggling with 64 - any advice other than Sub-spam with a few Dartlings?

            edit: Just actually read the thread :x Will try more Dartlings and/or Spactories, but surprised how you guys are passing 31 - Ice and Dartling is failing me every time! Will stick with my sub start I think...

            edit2: Strategy combo worked! Sub-spam with glues until 63, then sold for Dartlings and Spactories before 64. Didn't use Ice at all in the end. NAPSFRILL
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              Not a great idea but one 2.1 sniper and a dart gun can take care of 30 and 31. But then you need to sell the sniper.