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H&M - Aug 31, 2017

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  • H&M - Aug 31, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 65 on The Great Divide Easy with two Apprentices and Spike Factories. No upgrade limits. By lla26
    Starting Cash: 5000
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by lla26 View Post
    The Great Divide Easy from rounds 26-65. 2 of each.

    Starting Cash: $5000
    Starting Lives: 200
    Start Round: 26
    End Round: 65
    Max No. of Towers: N/A
    Max Per Class: 2
    Difficulty/Mode: Easy
    Track: The Great Divide
    Available Towers/Upgrades: Monkey Apprentice (4/4), Spike Factory (4/4)
    Available Agents: None provided, ideally banned
    Bloon Ranks: All normal

    Tested! I thought of doing this on Medium or even Hard, but I can't do 40 even on Medium, even with selling. Requires obviously selling + ability timing. Phoenix timing on 46 onwards, spike storm timing on 50-54. Gets easier once you buy two 4/2 spactories. At least 75 MM as reward.
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    Originally posted by Cupid Monkey
    I love you Bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.

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    Phew! At least before sniper does his usual tradition...
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      Went back and did NAPS, not as bad as I thought, but harder then 75MM for sure, I used 2 Fire wizard for 43 sold and SS 46, then sold and used Phoenix on 47, 49, SS first MOAB 50 ASAP, the Phoenix, 51 was SS, then SS 52,5, 54 1 Phoenix & one SS, the SS & bird for 55, Phoenixe near the end of 56, SS 57, and then Chained SS for 58, 2 Phoenix for 59, 60 Got 4/2 Mines on BFB side, 61 SS and mines, after that sold for seconed 4/2 Mines, Phoenix first rush on 63 sold and used 2x Phoenix for 64, and 65 played fine.


      RCD: 6.75/10 (95MM)
      Rating: 6/10
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        @[URL=""]lla26[/URL] Why is this challenge named H&M?


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          This was awful. Every MOAB leaked a little, until I died.


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            Originally posted by BP101697 View Post
            @[URL=""]lla26[/URL] Why is this challenge named H&M?
            "H" is the key for Monkey Apprentice and "M" is the key for Spike Factories.


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              Oh, I thought it was acronym of honeymoon


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                It seems you guys don't have a knack for fashion. I'm likely the first guy who made a DC based on a fashion store.
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                  I spent so much time on this one that I can make a guide on it. :/

                  - 2 2/0 wizards, 2 0/0 spike factories
                  - Both wizards to 2/1
                  - Choose your favorite side. Upgrade the spac on the opposite side to 1/1.
                  - Upgrade the wizard on your favorite side to 2/3.
                  - Other wizard to 2/3
                  - Both spacs to 1/2
                  - 43. Keep both wizards on Strong. Once all ceramics are stripped into rainbows switch both to First.
                  - 46. Sell a spac and upgrade the other to 1/4. Spike storm. Sell and upgrade a wizard to 1/4, then rebuy your spacs. Upgrade one to 1/1 and the other to 1/2.
                  - 47. Use the phoenix before the round starts. Start the round when the phoenix is above the split.
                  - 49. Hope your phoenix times good
                  - 50. Pay attention to which side the MOAB comes out. Upgrade the OTHER one to 2/4 and then spike storm. Kill ceramics with phoenix. Now the second MOAB will spawn on the side that has the 2/4 spike factory, and you don't need to use any abilities. r i smart or wat?
                  - 51. Spike storm after the ceramics have advanced a little bit. Upgrade the other wizard to 2/4 ASAP, phoenix.
                  - 52. Phoenix + spike storm
                  - 53. Spike storm MOABs
                  - 54. Double phoenix. Sell both wizards and the spike factory on the side that the MOABs are on, then place a 4/2 spike factory ASAP.
                  - 55. Get up a second spiked mine factory. From there you can just wing it.
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