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Defying Bloonarius - Aug 11, 2017

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  • Defying Bloonarius - Aug 11, 2017

    Rounds 30 - 65 on Downstream Easy with 2/3 Ice Towers, 2/3 Glue Gunners, 2/4 Bomb Shooters, and 2/4 Spike Factories. By lla26
    Starting Cash: 4500
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by lla26 View Post
    At this moment, I have no ideas for new DCs, so I'm going to recycle my old ones, from time to time.

    Defying Bloonarius
    Downstream Easy from rounds 30-65 with a set of towers.

    Starting Cash: $4500
    Starting Lives: 200
    Start Round: 30
    End Round: 65
    Max No. of Towers: N/A
    Max Per Class: N/A
    Difficulty/Mode: Easy
    Track: Downstream
    Available Towers/Upgrades: Bomb Tower (2/4), Ice Tower (2/3), Glue Gunner (2/3), Spike Factory (2/4)
    Available Agents: All allowed, none provided
    Bloon Ranks: All normal

    Tower explanations:
    1) Ice and glue are allowed because they can't hurt MOAB-class bloons yet they can hurt Bloonarius
    2) MOAB assassins and MOAB-SHREDR spikes are allowed because they can still hurt Bloonarius, although a bit weaker than hurting MOAB-class bloons.

    Fully tested NAPS! Requires some selling, as the start is a bit tricky and ability usage. MOAB Assassins for early MOABs and BFBs, and spike storms for rounds such as 64.


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    145 money rewards!? I have never seen that reward in DCs. If that rewards, it will easily be $150 instead.


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      finished NAPS, not too bad.

      difficulty: 4.5/10 (60 MM)
      Enjoyability: 8/10
      I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
      BTD5 Rank: 99. Cities: 40/40. Knowledge: all Maxed
      my challenges, overhauled ratings
      If you need help testing DCs, send me a PM and I'll help you.


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        Fun challenge. Died on 86


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          Done with JM's Mod, more or less the same, aside from being able to achieve better spike factories early on, due to ice Shards being nerfed to dust. Tried in nomral game always die at start Spam DC's are just not my thing.

          RCD: 4/10
          Rating: 6/10
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