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A Jungle of Four - Aug 8, 2017

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  • A Jungle of Four - Aug 8, 2017

    Rounds 30 - 63 on Jungle Medium with a Tack Shooter, Sniper, Boomer, Ninja, Ice Tower, Village, and Farm. 4 towers max. One Super Monkey Storm Provided. By rtgargoyle2
    Starting Cash: 8000
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by rtgargoyle2 View Post
    A Jungle of Four

    Track: Jungle
    Difficulty: Medium
    Levels: 30 - 63
    Lives: 150
    Starting Cash: $8,000
    Description: Can you pass 33 rounds with only four towers with no upgrade limits?
    Towers: Tack; Sniper; Boomerang; Ninja; Ice; Village; Farm
    Limits: All are 4/4; 1 of each; 4 towers max
    Agents: Agents allowed; Provided 1 Super Monkey Storm
    No Roadspikes and No Pineapples
    No Bloon Rank Change
    Reward: $55

    Tested NPSRI
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    Done using JM's Mod and an extra SMS, I have no idea how this beatable otherwise, furthest I manged was 57 in a normal game, with JM's Mod I had to do crazy selling just to pass, something that would not work in the normal game. If possible NAPS, it must be insanely LB.

    RCD; NA/10
    Rating: 2/10
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      Just to give an idea again (using ice specialty)...

      TBO, I had a free village from a quest which certainly helped. But it seems to work very similar as described below...

      - 0/0 village
      - 3/1 ice
      - Ninja 0/0, 0/1, 1/1, 2/1.
      - Farm within range of village (if you don't upgrade ninja to 3/1 before, you may leak a few bloons in 33)
      - Farm to 2/0
      - Before 42: Village to 0/2, sell ninja to afford
      - Farm to 3/0
      . Rebuy ninja, upgrade to 4/2
      - At round 46: I grabbed most of the farm's cash while the MOAB entered, then sold it and bought a sniper, upgrade to 2/3 ASAP and set to strong. No leaks if done quick enough.
      - Village to 1/2 will support the ice tower noticeably
      - Sell away sniper and ninja and upgrade farm to 4/2 (somewhere late in round 48 if I remember correctly).
      - Before 50: Sell farm and rebuy 4/2 ninja (first) and 2/3 sniper (strong). Village to 3/2.
      - Village to 4/2, set to strong
      - At 60 I moved the cursor above the SMS but didn't need it. There might be a little distraction luck involved though. If you want to be safe, use the SMS, no other round will be that kind of close.

      - In the sweet spot shown on the picture, the village will attack MOABs already on the outer track and break their hulls 100% realiably - ice will do the rest
      - No need to upgrade the sniper to 2/4, it was just for fun as I didn't know where to spend the money

      I tried the first rounds without the free village again. A 2/1 ice also did the job until I had a 4/2 ninja. Sold the ninja as soon as I could afford the 3/2 ice by selling it. No leaks, but there is at least a risk that one or more leads might escape the ice. It's the early rounds however, so just try it again in this case.
      Maybe you'll lack money as farming will start later in this scenario. However, rounds 51 and 52 can also be done without the 4/2 village so chances are good it will be up in time. Use the SMS to get yourself into the next round if necessary and hope you won't need it in round 60. Or simply sell off the ninja, the village is much more important.

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        Used ice specialty and finished with 20 lives, most of which were lost on 34 and a few more in the 50's. Didn't need an SMS.


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          Actually not as hard as it looks if you don't mind farming and a bit of selling, but managed it NAPS at least.

          I started with:
          2-0 Farm
          1-1 Sniper (strong)
          3-1 Ninja
          0-2 to 2-3 Boomer
          Ninja to 4-1
          Sniper to 1-3
          Farm to 3-0
          Ninja to 4-2
          Sniper to 2-3
          Boomer to 2-4, use Turbocharge on MOAB
          Sell Boomer and Farm, buy a 2-2 Village and a 3-2 Ice to replace the Boomer
          Round 52: Village to 4-2 (strong)
          Ice to 4-2

          Now weirdly you can actually relax, as all the main purchasing is done. If you feel worried then just swap the Ninja out for a 0-4, Sabotage, then buy back again. Attempting it without, I only lost lives on 57.

          Round 60: Rebuy Sniper as 4-1 (first), can use sabotage. Switch Sniper to Strong after the first MOAB breaks.
          Round 61: Sell Ninja for a 0-4 use Sabotage, sell, and buy a 4-2 Boomer
          Round 62: Use Sabotage and rebuy 4-2 Ninja
          Round 63: Easy. I sold the Sniper for a 4-2 Tack next to the Ice just to make sure.

          The 2-3 Boomer is where the Ice is, and the 4-2 Boomer replaces the Ninja.


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            Great guide, Spanky. Thanks!

            The only thing I had to do different was let the SMS loose on 61, I wasn't able to get the boomer to 4-2 at the beginning of the round and the regens started leaking.


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              Well this was annoying as hell to beat. Finally got NAPS, but had to use the hypercharge exploit to do so.

              RCD: N/A
              Difficulty: 3/10
              Enjoyability: 3/10 (Hypercharge used)
              Final Verdict: 4.5/10 (Poor, C+)

              Driven Progress: 59/90
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