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We are Number One - Jul 26, 2017

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  • We are Number One - Jul 26, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 65 on North Pole Medium
    Starting cash: 4000;
    Starting lives: normal
    Reward: 60
    Towers: Tack Tower, 0/2 Super Monkey, and Monkey Apprentice; up to 4 of each or 6 total
    All agents allowed

    By Original Otaku
    Status: BMC City one level 34, City two level 24, BTD5 Rank 73
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    Obvious tradition is obvious:

    Here's a little lesson in trickery,
    This is going down in history!
    If you want to be a villain number one,
    You have to chase a superhero on the run
    Status: BMC City one level 34, City two level 24, BTD5 Rank 73
    DC ratings, Accepted DCs, Color-coded MM rewards


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      NAPSFRI**S. I'm sure NAPSFRILLS is possible. I didn't get the timing on 63 quite right.


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        NAPSFRILLS, much better then yesterdays DC and the other we had in some days of a row, though a bit easy.

        RCD: 4/10
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          trivial NAPSFRILLS


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            Uhm, I wouldn't call this daily challenge, it was more like daily game as there was no challenge, NAPSFRILLS also here..


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              Original suggestion is here for reference:
              Originally posted by Original Otaku View Post
              We are Number One
              Description: 26-65 on North Pole, Medium with up to six of the following towers and $4000 to start. By Original Otaku

              Starting Cash: $4000
              Lives: 150
              Rounds: 26-65
              Towers: Apprentices (4/4), Super Monkeys (0/2), Tack Shooters (4/4). 4 each, 6 max.
              Difficulty: Medium
              Track: North Pole
              Agents?: Yes; but none provided.
              Road Items?: No.
              MM Reward: $80
              Test State: Not yet.

              ~ Bloon Ranks Unchanged ~

              Based on We are Number One from LazyTown.
              RCD: 3/10
              Difficulty: 2.5/10
              Enjoyment: 3.25/10
              Final Verdict: 4.125/10 (Bad, C)

              Driven Progress: 46/90
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              Originally posted by Striker Jones
              I love the smell of bubblewrap in the morning!


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                After the last two days' benders, I was happy with an easy one today. Even if it took me *cough* a couple of times to get right...


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                  *Sings Relax, Take it Easy by Mika*

                  trivial challenge, but was good after the week for hard challenges.

                  difficulty: 2/10
                  Enjoyability: 7/10
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                    Easy and fun, but I always learn something. 2/4 Wizards are much stronger than 0/2 SMs. Necessary knowledge for round 63.