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Twilight in the Treetops - Jul 24, 2017

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  • Twilight in the Treetops - Jul 24, 2017

    • Rounds 26 - 65 on Tree Tops Hard
    • Starting cash: 5000; Starting lives: normal
    • Reward: 100
    • Towers: 2/4 Boomerang Thrower, 3/2 Ice Tower, 2/1 Glue Gunner, 3/3 Dartling Gun, and 2/4 Spike Factory; up to 3 of each
    • All agents allowed, none provided
    By The Supermonkey
    Status: BMC City one level 34, City two level 24, BTD5 Rank 73
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    NApSFIRS (I accidentally forgot to turn of Tack Awesomnize, but it really did not help much at all save for a few minor leaks early on, where I lost pretty much all of my lives, and maybe 58 to a much lesser extent, but even then the DC does contain some luck and also have to place the Sherder spike factory and stuff in precise placements to massively cut the placement luck, and also put TC on charge on strong for ceramics once you're pass 53 it's a breeze IMO.)

    TRUE NAPSFRIS no new Image as it's more or less the same, but when it comes to it Round 60 is LB if BFB takes short path, you'll likely need to sell & rebuy SS for 61 if that's the case, other wise no real difference between the two at all, 22 lives left, but only due to me forgetting an upper Ice on 47

    RCD: 4.6/10 KLB Not 100MM at all, more of a 70MM DC.)

    Image The spike factory spot is very crucial.

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      All right - everything is looking fine.
      The truth? You want the truth? But sir, you can't HANDLE the truth.


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        Laptop and micro don't mix.

        RCD: 5/10
        Difficulty: 4.73/10
        Enjoyment: 0.8/10!!!! (Hypercharge exploit and an SMS used.)
        Final Verdict: 5.125/10 (Okay, Upper B-)

        Driven Progress: 44/90
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          Junior Monkey If you're on a laptop, use an external mouse.
          Status: BMC City one level 34, City two level 24, BTD5 Rank 73
          DC ratings, Accepted DCs, Color-coded MM rewards


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            NAPS, 4 lives lost at 47. That round is kinda luck based. 61 required me sell & rebuy Spike Storm in round.

            I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
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