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Trouble on the Tarmac - Jul 11, 2017

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    Alright, I was just going to ignore you James/The Supermonkey, but now that you brought me up, It's on.

    One thing that's been getting on my nerves about you for a long time, and that I've seen is a constant habit of yours, is how you think your skill at BTD5 allows you to decide how others should play BTD5 or suggest DCs.

    I'll say this, ONCE AND FOR ALL.



    You like enjoying BTD5 the way you do, GOOD FOR YOU. But not everyone is like you, and not everyone strives to be who you are. Just like how there are multiple paths to upgrade towers in BTD5, there are multiple paths which various players will take to find the way to play BTD5 that best suits how they would like to enjoy the game. You like taking tons of time out of your day to test and refine every DC you make to make you happy, other people might not want to (or might not have the time to) spend days to test something that might just get skipped or modified.

    There's a reason I like suggesting thematic, speculative DCs, and that's for several reasons. One, I know my skill level at the game is not very good, and I know if I tested all of my DCs to my level, everyone else would claim they are too easy, ridicule me for it, and that I wouldn't feel happy or proud of myself at all. Second of all, I kind of like not knowing the solution to everything right away, and like randomly throwing out random combinations to work with. For me, it's entertaining to see how players better than me take the figments of my mind that I have at that exact moment and turn them into a strategy that can weave through the things I throw at them. As a result, my suggestions help me learn how to play the game better and find new strategies that I might have not known before, and are fun for me when I play them because I get to try new things for myself. You won't ever experience this feeling, and I don't expect you to. You're different from me.

    This contrasts greatly with you, because you have a different set of beliefs on how you like to suggest DCs and play BTD5. You like suggesting strategy-based DCs fine-tuned to a specific difficulty level. Which is fine, since that's how you like to do things. But to say that your DCs are "perfect" and "flawless masterpieces" is simply false. Your DCs have several weaknesses to them. Often times their heavy focus on strategy can sometimes lead to them becoming incredibly boring at times. While I didn't find "Another Sticky Situation" to be a bad DC, I was seriously cringing about how you literally rebooted a DC and changed a few things just to make it play like the original DC "was meant to play out". Personally for me, rebooting DCs like that seemed to indicate a lack of originality on your part, and you just seemed concerned with transplanting the "use x/3 spacs plus mob control towers" strategy to like every track in the game. Now, the DC was good, so I have not much more to say. Now, there are some of your DCs which are centered around ability timing and tower micro, two things I absolutely DESPISE on DCs (and several other players share this sentiment) *cough* MOAB Tracking *cough*. You LIKE those sort of things (or at least despise them less than players like me do), so you suggest DCs that involve those things because I guess they're fun to you, even though you kind of know that people don't like that. That's fine and all, if that's how you want to suggest BTD5 DCs.

    Now here's the thing, both of our DC styles have flaws in them. My tendency not to test things leads to sometimes misjudgements in what is actually possible and can lead to impossible DCs like the aforementioned "Highly Opinionated". But your DC style isn't perfect either, and I think you REALLY need to recognize that. One problem I seriously have with you is that whenever a DC you make doesn't turn out the way you want it to or whenever people criticize one of your DCs, you blame others for whatever happened. "Timed to Perfection" got nerfed and is no longer hard? You just blamed NK for the entire thing and threw a huge tantrum, even when you KNEW THE ACTUAL REASON it got nerfed. There's a chance that if you changed the DC's name to something less intimidating, it could have been accepted as you originally wrote it. "Rise of the Supermonkey" gets criticized? Oh, it's all the fault of the players that don't play the game and enjoy the game the way I do, better write a huge rant about why I think my way of playing BTD5 is the best. That didn't work out well at all, judging from the fact the thread is now deleted.

    Here's the thing. Both of us do things other people don't like, and both of others get criticized for doing so. You need to learn how to take criticism and be proactive in response to said criticism. If you are going to continue the path you take, I won't stop you. I'm in no position to do so, and that is your path to take. But do know that if people criticize you for your decision, that the criticism is your own and no one else's fault. Just like when "Highly Opinionated" blew up in my face, that was my fault to bear, and my pill I had to swallow. Now it's your turn. Just because you're a good BTD5 player, and most likely a better one than me, doesn't mean you are any more immune to criticism than I am.

    *mic drop*

    PS: The reason I stopped suggesting DCs was because real life obligations started taking over, and with me starting things like college and employment, I don't feel like I have much time to be suggesting and playing DCs, especially tougher ones which take more time on my part (at least without guides.)
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      That was EPIC. One of my favourite forum posts in a while.

      EDIT: Look at who posted the latest DC suggestion?
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