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    The ultimate support tower: Security monkey

    Description: An excellent support monkey with strict guidelines. Has an aimed whistle that corrects bloons, temporarily removing camo & regrow properties.
    Effect: 19 RoF attack doesn't pop bloons, but removes camo/regrow from bloons. Range of a 1/0 dart.
    Cost: $600

    Path 1:
    1. Sharp whistle: New guidelines allow whistle to correct & pop lead bloons. $400
    2. Immunization: Even stricter guidelines now correct black, white & zebra bloons' ability to resist bombs & ice. $900
    3. Spike strip: Lays a strip of spikes that pop all passing bloons 1 layer. (doesn't work on the same bloon twice, maybe 10000pp) $2600
    4: Mr. Tazy: Good ol' Mr. Tazy! Replaces the whistle with a taser weapon that pops corrected bloons 2 layers, stunning them. (3 seconds) $5400

    Path 2:
    1. Speed limit: Prevents all bloons in radius from moving faster than a green bloon. (can't stack with glue/ice) $300
    2. Greater district: Has jurisdiction over a larger area. (0/2 bomb) $450
    3. Police siren: Every few seconds, activates a siren that corrects & stuns all bloons in radius. (doesn't replace whistle. 110 RoF, 1 second stun to all bloons) $1800
    4. Stop & frisk: Ability: Stuns up to 1000 bloons in radius, rapidly popping & correcting bloons. Ability lasts until affected bloons meet the guidelines. (Whistle RoF: 2 during ability. MOAB-class unaffected. Cooldown 35 seconds.) $3500

    1: Reduces price 5%
    2: Increases range 10%
    3: Taser weapon now pops all bloons if none violate guidelines
    4. Speed limit has been reduced to the speed of a blue bloon.
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      Divine monkey
      Description: Through the power of summoning, allows the almighty controller of the universe to pop bloons in range just by clicking on them!
      Cost: $2200
      Range: 1/x dart
      Max RoF: 4
      Can pop: Camo, MOAB, Black, White, Zebra.
      Special: Shows outline of all summoner monkeys. When cursor is in range of one, bloons will act like towers, but with a much lower "detection" range. When 2 or more cover the same area, it stacks)

      Path 1:
      Bloon-sense: Clicker's area of effect is much wider, so clicking bloons is easier. $400
      Double-click: Clicking area is larger, and pops 2 bloons each. $1350
      Explosive power: When you draw a strike through a bloon, it explodes! (2/2 bomb stats) $3100
      M.S Paint: The Monkey Staff of Paint allows you to draw to pop bloons. pops once when painting, and again after releasing. If you draw a shape, all bloons in the shape will pop. $12500

      Path 2:
      Outer circle: Increases the range of clicking. (x/2 engie) $600
      Immense spirit: Clicker can now pop frozen and lead. $300
      Auto-clicker: Holding down the mouse clicks bloons rapidly (Auto RoF: 2) $1800
      Cursor madness: Ability: Throws out auto-clicking cursors everywhere, bouncing mad for 8 seconds. $9400

      1: Redices the price of Divine Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%.
      2: Increases clicking area of effect of Divine Monkeys by 15%.
      3: Always auto-clicks. Upgrade doesn't require you to click.
      4: Ability: Auto-targets the first bloon in range for 15 seconds.
      X: Increases the price of Super Monkeys by 5%
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        Originally posted by bloon4096 View Post
        I wish to see the Spike o Pult become its own Tower again like in BTD3 instead of an upgrade like in BTD4 and BTD5.
        Sorry if I'm really late, but I'd like to see that again too. I just feel that Dart Monkeys / Spike-o-Pults are different enough to be separate towers (as seen in BTD3) because of their (almost) entirely different functions, and, most importantly, projectile shooting (Hand based to machinery-like based; I don't think there's a tower that changes like it, correct me if I'm wrong).

        My rendition: (All prices are on Medium, just multiply by 0.85 for Easy, 1.08 for Hard and 1.2 for Impoppable)

        Cost: 500
        Tower Description: "A catapult-operating monkey that slowly shoots sharp spiked balls. Each spiked ball pops up to 10 bloons." (Inspiration by Kookeekwisp)
        Design: same as the spike-o-pult upgrade (3/x Dart Monkey).
        Base Tower: 10 pp, pops 1 layer, same attack speed as the 0/0 Tack Shooter, range equal to the 1/0 Dart Monkey.

        Path 1 Upgrades

        1/x: Longer Reach
        Cost: 250
        Description: “Better cranks allow the Spike-o-Pult to fire spiked balls farther.”
        Design: the catapult’s axle is reinforced with stone.
        Effects: the tower’s range becomes equal to that of the 2/0 Dart Monkey.

        2/x: Steel Spikes
        Cost: 450
        Description: “Steel-reinforced spiked balls pops up to 25 bloons – and smashes frozen ones.”
        Design: the operating monkey now wears a green bandana (similar to that of the 1/x or x/1 Dart Monkey), and the spiked ball becomes pitch-black.
        Effects: 10 -> 25 pp, the tower pops frozen bloons.

        3/x: Juggernaut
        Cost: 1720
        Description: “Hurls a giant spiked ball that deals extra damage to Ceramic Bloons.”
        Design: the operating monkey now wears a red bandana (similar to that of the 2/x or x/2 Dart Monkey), and the spiked ball becomes twice as big diameter-wise.
        Effects: 25 -> 100 pp, the tower pops Lead Bloons and deals 5x damage to Ceramic Bloons.

        4/x: Bloonllista
        Cost: 14300
        Description: “Unimaginably giant explosive ball of destruction.”
        Design: the catapult is now made of steel bars, the operating monkey now wears an orange cloak (similar to Bloonjitsu/Glaive Lord ones), and the spiked ball becomes 1.2x bigger than the Juggernaut.
        Effects: 100 -> 10000 pp, the tower pops five layers of bloons, one-shots the Ceramic Bloon layer and deals 3x damage to MOAB-Class Bloons. The spiked ball explodes after reaching a certain distance (explosion similar to the 3/2 Mortar).

        Path 2 Upgrades

        x/1: Faster Reload
        Cost: 350
        Description: “Less drag allows the Spike-o-Pult to fire faster.”
        Design: the catapult gains an horizontal rope (material and coloring vary with the Path 1 upgrades; 0/1 = cotton/white; 1/1, 2/1 and 3/1 = nylon/gray; 4/1 = rubber/black).
        Effects: the tower’s projectile speed equals the 1/0 Tack Shooter.

        x/2: Mechanical Improvements
        Cost: 800
        Description: “Enhanced cranks, springs and launcher permits even faster reload and camo detection.”
        Design: the operating monkey now wears camo detection glasses (similar to those of the x/2 Sniper Monkey).
        Effects: the tower’s projectile speed equals the 2/3 Tack Shooter, and it detects camo bloons.

        x/3: Triple Shot
        Cost: 1110
        Description: “Shoots 3 spiked balls instead of 1.”
        Design: the operating monkey goes from the side to behind the catapult (similar to the Artillery Battery Mortar).
        Effects: same as BTD4’s Triple Shot upgrade.

        x/4: Automatic Launcher
        Cost: 8780
        Description: “Spiked balls fly insanely fast.”
        Design: the catapult is now made of iron bars, and the operating monkey now wears a white coat (like the 3/2 Mortar). An electrical engine is added below the bars.
        Effects: the tower’s projectile speed equals the 0/0 Super Monkey.
        Deadly Lock Ability: The Spike-o-Pult shoots at an extremely hypersonic speed (1.25x the Turbocharge) for 25 seconds, in a locked straight (The straight to be locked is the last position of the tower). Cooldown: 60 seconds.

        Dart Monkey Changes

        3/x: Faster Reflexes
        Cost: 320
        Description: “Improved body movements allows the Dart Monkey to shoot faster.”
        Design: the Dart Monkey wears a blue bandana.
        Effects: the monkey’s projectile speed is improved by 1.5x.

        4/x: Dart Graduate
        Cost: 1250
        Description: “Dart mastery teaches the art of popping 10 bloons per dart – and how to crush Lead Bloons.”
        Design: the Dart Monkey wears a dark green cloak (slightly darker than the SMFC one).
        Effects: 1 -> 10 pp (11 if 4/1, 13 if 4/2), the monkey now pops Lead Bloons.
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          Why do the darts always have the stupid ability of turning into weapons of mass obliteration?
          The only towers that use darts turn those darts into destructive weapons. (Ace does have Spectre, but all it does is add bombs into the mix.)
          Dart monkey hurls giant spiked balls,
          Dartling gunner has a giant ray of doom, (Or fort rockets on mobile)
          And Super monkey is THE UNHOLY SPAWN OF BLOON DESTRUCTION!!! (next to fort rockets)

          Monkey Medic
          Cost: $320
          Description: An expert in assistance, and making medicines, chemicals & poisons. Throws sharp syringes that sedate bloons, slowing them permanently by a stackable 2%; doesn't slow Ceramic or MOAB class bloons.
          RoF: 33 (Dart is 29)
          Pierce: 2
          Range: 100 (Dart is 90)
          Special: Stacking slow effect.
          Can hit: MOAB.

          Path 1:
          1: Helping hand: Increases the range of all towers in radius by 5%. (Affects itself. Can stack up to 5) $290
          2: Powerful Sedative: Doubles the slow effect. $700
          -3: Vaccination: Can detect camo & removes one special property from each bloon popped, but also heals status effects. (Regrow OR Camo > Permafrost > Freeze > Stun > Glue > Napalm > Anything i missed | Affects DDT as well) $1350
          --4: Tranquilizers: Stuns all popped bloons for a while, and slows MOAB class bloons by 1% per hit. (2 second stun | Can't stun Ceramics by damaging them | Max 25% slow) $4800

          Path 2:
          1: High Gauge Needle: Increases pierce by 1, and can pop frozen bloons. $220
          2: Tungsten Tip: Atomically thin needle can pierce any hard shell. Can slow Ceramic & pop lead bloons. $500
          -3: Poison dart: Slow acting poison pops bloons once every 3 seconds. Effect is permanent, and can affect MOAB class bloons. (Will aim for un-poisoned bloons if there are any | No shot delay) $1100
          --4: Cobra venom: Super-potent venom slowly pops & weakens bloons so they're popped 2 layers when hit. (doesn't weaken MOAB) Ability - Hydra's Spit: shoots highly toxic Blowdarts super fast for 5 seconds, popping bloons every second. (Ability RoF: 4 | Affects MOAB) $7250

          Specialty building: Monkey Pharmacy
          1: Reduces cost by 5%.
          2: Increases sedation effectiveness by 10%.
          3: Vaccinations will no longer heal status effects.
          4: Helping hand also increases fire rate by 3% (still stacks up to 5)
          X. Increases the cost of Heli-pilots by 5%
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            Bring the Bloons TD Battles monkeys such as:

            And add new ones such as:
            Elemental Wizard (Has the power of Water,Fire,Air,Earth) (Water-Freezes/slows down ; Fire- Does dmg and puts bloons on fire ; Air- Pushs back bloons ; Earth- Probaly makes a hole in a ground that sucks bloons and kills then)
            Cactus-Another thing like the spikes and pineapples
            Lighting Tower- Shoots lightning stuff (balls and the thing that wizard has) that does alot dmg
            MOAB Destroyer- 1Hit blue moab and red moabs and Takes to half health the ZOMG


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              Anti-Camo Bot 400$
              Attacks seeks camo but can hit normal and regen bloons. If a camo is hit, It pops 3 layers instantly (even on ceramics)
              Path 1
              1st upgrade- anti-camo perm 200$
              New software updates allow the bot to get rid of camo bloon's camo forever
              2nd upgrade- Fast attack 500$
              Allows the bot to attack twice as fast
              3rd upgrade- Anti-lead software 780$
              Pops lead bloons in ONE shot and turns ceramics into zebras.
              4th upgrade- Special termination 4000test for y'all$
              Ability: One shots all white, black, zebra, ceramic, and MOABS are wiped out completely and utterly
              1st upgrade- Anti-Regen update 340$
              Now has the same affects to regen as with camo, and if regen and camo then a one shot kill
              2nd upgrade- Tracker 700$
              Allows towers in a short radius of the bot to detect camo
              3rd upgrade- Explosive terminations 1100$
              Pops 2 layers off bloons close to a terminated cam
              4th upgrade- Attack spam 3600$
              Attacks 3x as fast as before!!


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                monkey home: place this home on a tower to give it a house to live in and rest after each round it has nice suplies in ti and get smore with each upgrade it has the ability to send the monkey back in the house for 5% extra range but shooting 1% slower and it takes 1 second to get in the house/out of th ehouse and grants +10% aattack speed for 5 seconds on start of round cuz of resting $1000
                left path:
                1. better beds: allows better resting and giving +5% attack speed and +5 seconds lasting $400
                2. camo sensor: allows the monkey to see camao if in house and grant other towers in range of house to shoot the same bloon: $300
                3. hot coocking pan: allows the monkey to coock hot water at end of round allowing him to thro the hot water on track and popping ALL bloons that move over the water to be popped once water last 10 seconds after that it just sticks on the last bloon it touched and continously pops that bloon once per second (water wont be removved by apperentice) $600
                4. more water: coocks more water allowing you to save 1 pan every round as a free pan of water to be used also hires a cock to produce pans of water to be bough for $35 free pans have to be placed in range of house bough ones not $2500
                right path:
                1. better moving in: monkey now moves faser in and out the house meaning it now takes only 0,1 second to move in or out of e house also decreases the lower speed to 0,9% $250
                2. betetr binoculairs: now grats even more range in the house allowing th emonkey to see 10% more instead of 5% $300
                3. food suply: brings diffrent food each round to the house for free alowing you to use diffrent powers banana: gives $20 apple: granst the monkey to pop 1 extra bloon for 5 seconds carrot: grants 1% extra range and camo detection for 10 seconds to th emonkey lemon: allows monkey to shoot 20% faster for 5 seconds coconut: allow smonkey to pop 2 layers of a bloon for 5 seconds $1000
                4. brings 1,5 food per roudn meanign you get 2 food every 2 rounds alo gives an aiblity: either brings a lot of food to the house or doubles the powers of food for 20 seconds all food eaten during that timme will get the double powers until end of ability time the powers duration will not change after end of ability EX: you use apple in last 2 seconds of ability you will get 10 seconds extrapierce but only 2 extra pierce for 2 seconds $5000


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                  i like frost 11's dynamite monkey and huang123abc's archer monkey idea of all them


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                    Base tower:
                    Name: Darter soldier
                    Desc: This monkey trained an refined his darting skill making him a more powerful ballon popper! he throws slightly faster then a normal dart monkey and shoots an extra dart straight backwards.
                    Cost: 375.

                    Left side path:

                    Name: Refined darting.
                    Desc: Trained throwing results in 2 extra pierce for the main dart.
                    Cost: 215.

                    Name: Double darts.
                    Desc: Soldier learns double darting which allows him to throw a second dart quickly after the fist.
                    Cost: 425.

                    Name: Sharpened darts.
                    Desc: Sharpened darts make all darts get 2 extra pierce.
                    Cost: 750.

                    Name: Flash grenades.
                    Desc: Throwable flash grenades make bloons move back for a small while.
                    Cost: 600.

                    Right side path:

                    Name: Splinterdart.
                    Desc: Back dart will turn into a set of three road spikes if it doesn't pop anyting .
                    Cost: 250.

                    Name: Pop splintering.
                    Desc: Back darts now drop a road spike when they pop bloons.
                    Cost: 400.

                    Name: BackSpray.
                    Desc: Shoots 5 darts backwards in a spray instead of just one.
                    Cost: 1150.

                    Name: Landmines.
                    Desc: Soldier throws a landmine behind himself after every second shot that explodes on bloon contact.
                    Ability: All attacks doubled and + 50% attack speed for 30 seconds.
                    Cost: 1150.

                    P.S. Prices based on medium difficulty.
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                      Name: Monkey bowler
                      Desc: This monkey knows how to throw a ball! - Uses bowling balls which move in a straight lane popping a bloon only ever once. The ball has 12 pierce and pushed back bloons slightly.
                      Cost 910.
                      Extra information: Slower attack rate, Take a while to throw the ball after picking a target direction.

                      Left side path:

                      Name: Heavy balls.
                      Desc: Balls now pierce 50% more.
                      Cost: 435.

                      Name: Spiky balls.
                      Desc: Spiked balls pop 2 layers of bloons instead of one.
                      Cost: 350.

                      Name: Even heavier balls.
                      Desc: Balls now pop another layer and push back ballon significantly more.
                      Cost: 845.

                      Name: Hyper throwing.
                      Desc: Three times the attack speed and double the pierce for balls.
                      Cost: 1020.

                      Right side path:

                      Name: Spare lover.
                      Desc: Every second bloons gets popped another layer.
                      Cost: 435.

                      Name: Striker.
                      Desc: On the first hit all bloons in a close area get a layer of damage as well.
                      Cost: 435.

                      Name: Focus in.
                      Desc: As bloons get closer attack speed rises up to double.
                      Cost: 845.

                      Name: Big balls.
                      Desc: Giant balls give 300% more pierce.
                      Ability: A infinite ball rolls down a random track all the way to the start damaging and pushing bloons as it goes.
                      Cost: 2560.


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                        Name: Banana breather
                        Desc: This dragon like create smalls up banana scent releasing it into deadly bursts.
                        Cost 845.
                        Extra information: burst a gassy banana cloud at bloons doing great AOE damage. Can store up to five bursts. Gets a burst when a banana gets dropped in close range.

                        Left side path:

                        Name: More deadly mixing.
                        Desc: Banana gas now pops 2 layers.
                        Cost: 510.

                        Name: Cloudy gas.
                        Desc: Banana gas now hangs in the air for a little while popping bloons every second.
                        Cost: 650.

                        Name: Cloud projectiles.
                        Desc: When breathing also shoots a gas cloud into the distance.
                        Cost: 875.

                        Name: Mortar gas.
                        Desc: Whenever this picks up a banana shoot a cloud into the air at bloons anywhere on the map.
                        Cost: 1850.

                        Right side path:

                        Name: Double up.
                        Desc: All bananas now give double input and can store up to 10 burst.
                        Cost: 325.

                        Name: Crate collector.
                        Desc: Can now collect crate for five times as much as a banana would give.
                        Cost: 430.

                        Name: distant bursts.
                        Desc: Burst now reach three times as far.
                        Cost: 925.

                        Name: Bananza.
                        Desc: Banana farms near this tower give double bananas.
                        Ability: Shoot a constant burst doing a pop every half second with infinite range.
                        Cost: 2800.


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                          How about a DJ Monkey...

                          DJ Monkey
                          Attack- Sends out a wave set to fire in a single direction in a cone shape that pops any bloons in its radius
                          1st Path- Rock
                          1) Instrumental Equipment
                          Allows the DJ to have an instrument that can pop bloons like a regular tower
                          2) Speaker Upgrade
                          Deluxe speakers are installed, making range and width of blast bigger
                          3) Rock Music
                          Rock music in now played, making blast pop 2 layers of bloons
                          4) Heavy Metal
                          Blasts now pop 5 layers of bloons due to an increase of rock

                          2nd Path- Classical
                          1) Up the Tempo
                          Tempo is increased, increasing firing speed
                          2) Treble Strike
                          Treble-clefs are added to music, making every 5 blasts pops double the layers
                          3) Classical Music
                          Classical music calms the bloons, removing camo and regen
                          4) Soothing Song
                          Ability- Send all bloons to sleep for 3 seconds and remove all camo and regen


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                            Originally posted by MLG Magic Hoodini View Post
                            Bring the Bloons TD Battles monkeys such as:

                            And add new ones such as:
                            Elemental Wizard (Has the power of Water,Fire,Air,Earth) (Water-Freezes/slows down ; Fire- Does dmg and puts bloons on fire ; Air- Pushs back bloons ; Earth- Probaly makes a hole in a ground that sucks bloons and kills then)
                            Cactus-Another thing like the spikes and pineapples
                            Lighting Tower- Shoots lightning stuff (balls and the thing that wizard has) that does alot dmg
                            MOAB Destroyer- 1Hit blue moab and red moabs and Takes to half health the ZOMG
                            amn't sure about cobra being implemented into btd5


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                              Originally posted by Wasabe View Post

                              amn't sure about cobra being implemented into btd5
                              if they can rework his upgrades (which would be very difficult), they could add him


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                                \--PRISMATIC MONKEY--/

                                1200 (Easy)
                                1500 (Medium)
                                2000 (Hard)

                                The strongest of all monkeys, this monkey can easily pop ceramic bloons in no time!
                                It shoots rainbow beams, it can detect camo-bloons, and destroy MOAB easily!
                                Its power source is the sun, so if you play a track in night, its power will vanish...

                                Attack Speed: Incredibly Fast
                                Projectile Speed: Moderate
                                Range: Bigger than Ice Tower but smaller than Monkey Apprentice

                                || UPGRADE PATH 1 ||

                                Super-Vaporizer - Increases attack damage and can shoot 3 bloons ($1200)

                                Beamic Reaction - Split beams into 3 when in direct contact with glass and lead bloons ($2125)

                                Superainbow - The rainbow beams is now 4! ($5750)

                                Cosmoblast - It's power source change to the stars, and he can capture their light! The monkey's new power can wipe BFBs entirely!

                                || PATH 2 SOON ||