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  • Bloons Ideas!

    Post Your Bloons Ideas there, all allowed! no matter if its stronger than Z.O.M.G.!

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    Can we make new bloon properties? Since that would apply to bloons as well. (Bah I will just post some anyways)

    1. Property: Winged Bloon.

    "Majestic, fast, and deadly. Bloons are infused with bird DNA (don't ask) and have gained wings, making them quite faster! Beware of fast bloons like pinks!"

    Applies to children: Yes
    Effect on bloon: 25% increase on speed
    Visual: Two flapping wings on each side of bloon.
    Bloons affected by property: Red to Ceramic.

    2. Property: Packed Bloon

    "Bloons affected by this are packed with helium! This makes them unaffected by road items, even from those of a spike factory and bloonsberry bush. Use towers wisely."

    Applies to Children: Yes
    Effect on bloon: Road items do not affect bloons with this property, including spike factories and bloonsberry bushes.
    Visual: Bloons are slightly higher and lighter than normal, jiggle around slighly when moving.
    Bloons Affected by property: Red to Rainbow, no lead.

    3. Property: Phasing Bloons

    "Bloons with this unlikely quality will phase in and out periodically! When invisible, they are slower, but cannot be attacked by anything! This applies to all bloons, and is not easily countered. Beware of these awful bloons!"

    Applies to Children: Yes, but the effect gets less and less prominent further popped.
    Bloons affected: All
    Visual: The bloon is translucent, when it phases, it is a smooth transition from translucent to transparent.
    Effect on bloon: Cannot be attacked when phasing, is 50% slower than normal. This affect weakens the more the bloons are popped.
    Efficiency based on layers popped: (first set of numbers is layers popped, second set is efficiency, first number is time after each phase to phase again, second is time spent phased)
    0: 2, 1
    1-3: 3, .8
    4 - 6: 4, .7
    7 - 9: 5, .6
    9 - 11: 6, .5

    Well that's all I have. The Phasing bloons may need a little work. Hope you enjoyed.

    Write something...


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      Suggestion for number 1: Winged bloons should fly above tunnels like MOABs do.

      Which brings me to an interesting realization: packed bloons would fly higher than MOABs fly!
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        I have some ideas of balloons.

        IDB: IDDB stands for Immense Disguised Dispensing Blimp. It is a camo MOAB. What it does it is just a normal MOAB with 2 twists. Only towers that can detect camo can attack the IDDB. When the IDDB is destroyed, camo balloons are produced. As the IDDB is moving, it will produce 1 camo ceramic balloon every 5 seconds so you want to destroy it as fast as possible. The stats will be the same as a normal MOAB. The colour will be camouflage green,

        Spawner Balloon: It has 18 layers (same as ceramic). It is as fast as the lead balloons and produces lead balloons every 4 seconds. When popped, 3 red balloons are spawned. The colour of this balloon will be purple.

        Surprise Balloon: The balloon has 13 layers. When the balloon is destroyed, instead of going onto the next layer, 5 pinks are spawned. A sniper shot can take out the balloon and everything inside with one shot. I can't think of a colour so sorry.

        Water Balloon: Balloon has 5 layers and is at the same speed as a zebra balloon. When popped, nothing is spawned but a puddle of water on the track giving the other balloons have a little boost in speed. Beware of pinks. The MOAB, BFB and ZOMG are not effected. The puddle is then removed when the round is over.


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          a bbloon wich spawns 50 red bloons and cant be destroyed with 0/0 snipers but can be destroyed with 3/0 snipers cant think of a color sorry
          a bloon wich when is poped spawns a random bloon up to moab color: colors of all the bloons mixed in one so you see a lil bit of red bloon a lil bit of bleu ect also has a ? sign on it
          a super fast bloon (moves 3x the speed of pink) that when popped leaves a single moab cant be seen by snipers due to its speed color: a small pink moab picture on a normal bloon
          a small gray moab (like the one in BSM2) haas 50 hp and when popped leaves random bloons also some can have camo and/or regrow abiliitys also has a smaal chance to spawn a moab too moves faster the a nomral moab (it has the speed of a bloon between green and blue)
          a bloon that can only be popped by sharp things and spawns 2 leads cant think of a color
          a glass bloon wich can only be popped by heavy things and spawns zebra bloons
          a rainbow moab changes color every few seconds and cna only be shoot with monkey wich are the most of that color (0/3 village doesnt help)
          a super super ulra slow bloon wich has 100K hp and spawns 25 regorw blues it will literaly stand still if glued it moves like 1 frame per 20 seconds
          a heal bloon that shoots healing potions at other bloons to give them 1 extra layer the healed bloons get their layer after 3 seconds and get a timer for moab class bloons it takes 15 seconds the heal bloon itself its a +shaped bloon and the color says what it is EX it can be pink but it moves slowlier it cant move faste rthe yellow due to i tneeds to stay on screen long to heal bloons


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            Ghost bloon property. These bloons fade in and out. Can only be hit when visible.

            I major change I would like to see is that while not all towers can target camo, they should still be able to hit them. For example, the 3-2 bomb tower cannot hit camo with any of it's bombs, even if the camo bloon is within the blast radius of those bombs. I understand that it would make the camo bloons easier to deal with, but it just makes sense for all projectiles to hit camo, instead of going through them.

            A cool tower I would like to see would be the Bloon Trapper. This monkey places traps along the path to hinder the bloons, such as glue, ice, bomb, and fire traps.

            Also, I think it would be cool to have an UFO tower. It would fly along the path sucking up bloons.


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              Purple Bloon: A fast brother of the Black Bloon, the Purple bloon zooms down the track at an unfathomable speed before splitting into 2 pinks.

              Speed: 5.0
              Spawns: 2 Pinks

              Orange Bloon: Long list of immunities, it zooms down the track, dropping camo and regrow bloons as it takes damage. Coated in a tough layer of orange steel that takes 10 hits to break, revealing 4 Camo Regrow Pinks

              HP: 10
              RBE: 54
              Properties: Camo, lead, black.
              Speed: 2.5
              Spawns: 4 camo regrow purples. Also spawns a variety of camos and regrows as the orange layer takes damage.

              A.U.R.A.: Nemesis of the Vengeful temple, the A.U.R.A. layer has almost 4x the health of the ZOMG layer, and splits into top-rank blimps when popped

              HP: 15000
              RBE: 69838
              Speed: 0.3
              Spawns: 3 ZOMG, 5 DDTs


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                FYI those are for BTD6-no new bloons are coming in BTD5


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                  super ultra moab:
                  has 10K hp and spawns various of bloons when hit most of them are red-pink some can be camo/regrow can spawn othe rblons aswel but no bfb-zomg a small chnace of a moab something like 1% or less when popped a moab spawns and a camo regor ceramic

                  a super fast and deadly bloon the white-pinkies bloon sligtly whiter then pink one and has speed of 10.0! spanws a bfb and a ddt which will be pushed back for 2 sec

                  the next bloon is hardcore speed is 0,01 has 50K hp and is called the deadlymoab spanws 20 mini moabs with hp 50 who will span random red till pink bloons with camo or regrow sometimes also spawnd 2 big bloons with hp 10K who spawn 4 zomgs each these move with speed 0,1 and the minimoabs with speed 2

                  spanwer: this bloon is special can be placed on every bloon th ebloon gets a crate on it and every few seconds it stops for a moment and begins to create bloons (most time reds but can sslo be other bloons) he could even stop near the end and suck all your lifes down when hes is creating bloons it also creates a shield of 15 layers around it when started walkign again the shield layer decreases with 1 every 0,4 seconds its a frozen shield when freezed and it creates bloons it creates frozen bloons aka they stand still too when glued it creates glued bloons with 1/1 glue


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                    Glass Bloons
                    This has already been in BSM2, but it can be an awesome ideas.
                    Those are similar to camo status that are immune to Super Monkey's Plasma, Apprentice's Lightning Bolt, and Monkey Town's energy beam. It is also quite hard to see so all towers without camo detection cannot attack, and Night Vision Goggles cannot target glass bloons.
                    Range: Red to Ceramic. MOAB-class cannot be glass.
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                      Simply make lead bloon a property instead of a specific bpoon type. Ranges from red to MOABs.
                      Qlso Ceramic (clay), which bloons taje 5 hits to pop rather than one. Range from red to rainbow.


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                        very fast bloon: purple bloon who move 7.0 takes 2 hits and leaves 5 regrow pinks wh nfreezed can still move a lil bit with speeed 0,1 (slowlier if 0/1 ice or 3/x ice) when glued loses its glue but moves slowlier like 0/1 ice


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                          Two More:

                          Explosive Bloon: Same properties as a red bloon, except, when popped, releases a blast equal to that of a 3-0 mortar shot

                          Primary Bloon: Moves at a speed of 5.3. Requires three hits to pop, and spawns 1 pink bloon


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                            A MOAB-Class bloon called the EIG (Exterminating Iron Goliath) (the name is based of the industrial warship Ironclad):
                            It is a hybrid of the BFB and DDT. It goes at the same speed as a yellow bloon. The appearance shows it to have 3 decks of many broadside cannons and a gatling gun on the front. Should appear about round 145 if the DDT first appears on about round 95 or 100. Drops 4 DDTs'.


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                              LAWL: Lost Airship; Warmonger Leviathan

                              It's basically a BFB class bloon that has all the same speed & size as a BFB
                              There are minor differences tho.
                              Health: 999 damage
                              Contains: One of each bloon type, except ZOMG. This includes bloons, camos, regrows, and camo-regrows, as well ass a MOAB, BFB and DDT if possible)
                              Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!