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  • BTD5 Tower Mixing Ideas

    Think of some ideas for blending two or more towers together into one and describe its properties. You can use any towers (Flash, Mobile, maybe even towers from other games) at any upgrade point. I'll get the thread started with a few ideas of my own.

    x/4 Chipper + 4/x Chipper: Essentially the Supa-Vac of BTDBM. The tower and ability are the same, except they suck in MOABs.

    4/2 Spike Factory + 4/x Ninja: When the spiked mines detonate, they throw out 5 shurikens that pop even more bloons.

    4/x Sniper + 1/1 Ice: Every sniper shot freezes ceramics and under and slows blimps to half health after they are unstunned.

    x/4 Sniper + x/4 Ace: Tower acts normal. Activating the ability sends a GZ ace that shoots darts while it flies across the map, then drops an explosive that sends hundreds of crates flying all over the screen.

    x/4 Wizard + 4/x Dartling: Tower shoots short-ranged laser shots instead of fire. Ability sends out a robotic Phoenix that fires a death beam.

    4/x Ace + 4/x Dart Monkey +3/2 Mortar: A monkey ace that shoots juggernaut spiked balls instead of darts and napalm-infused bloon buster shots instead of normal mortar shots.
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    For the chipper thing, the attack speed would be too fast and would own MOABS too much. Everything else seems pretty reasonable, but pretty overpowered too. Here are some more suggestions:
    4/x super monkey + x/4 super monkey: A temple that shoots 2 projectiles at once with targeting just like robo monkey. Deals increased damage to MOAB classes. Ability is the same.
    4/x ninja monkey + 4/x boomerang thrower: A bloonjitsu with shurikens orbiting around him. The orbiting shurikens can pop lead.
    x/3 glue gunner + x/x ice tower: glue hose that freezes bloons on impact.

    I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

    It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

    RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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      Oh, did I mention these ideas didn't need to be balanced?

      x/4 Engineer + x/4 Village: Towers near it, including itself and sentries, are more powerful and can attack every bloon type. Ability allows you to select an area on the map that causes all towers within the area to attack 3.5x as fast.
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        Wow, I haven't been here in way too long. Okay, cool thread.
        Dart monkey x/3 + Super Monkey x/x
        ​3 darts super fast. That is heaven
        ​Couldn't think about anything else, haven't played in a year.
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          Maybe throw in some more to keep the thread alive.

          4/x Heli + 3/x Dartling: An Apache which shoots laser blasts instead of darts, destroying grouped bloons so much more easily.

          3/x Cannon + 3/x Tack: Initial impact throws out 8 additional cannon shots. Each of those explosives throw out 16 tacks that deal even more damage.

          2/3 Sub + 2/4 Boomerang: Rapid-fires homing glaives instead of darts. Glaives shoot out 3 additional red hot rangs if they hit their pop limit. Ability causes the sub to shoots glaives and missiles way faster.
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            2/3 Dart + 4/2 Bomb + 2/3 Ninja + 2/3 Bomb = Bye MOABs!
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            קเєςє ๒ץ קเєςє เ ๒ยเɭ๔ ץ๏ยг Ŧєคгร,
            ฬђคՇ ςคภ ฬє ยรє Շ๏ єภ๔ Շђเร гเﻮђՇ.
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            ςยร ภ๏Շђเภﻮ รՇ๏קקє๔ ๓є Ŧг๏๓ Շђє קครՇ ՇђคՇ'ร г๏ՇՇเภﻮ,
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              Bloonsday Device Pro + 4/2 Mortar: Ability sends a powerful orbital strike beam which causes a violent explosion whenever a layer is popped and leaves burny stuff on the track.

              Beekeeper Pro + 1/4 Glue: Beekeeper's bees carry honey, a sticky substance that slows bloons down when the bees attack it. Ability summons a giant beehive which splits open and sends bees and honey all over the track.
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                2/2 Buccaneer + 2/2 Super Monkey

                Fires a massive plasma beam from those cannons. Plus an extra grapeshot is fired.
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                  Hey this is not really a mixing idea but i had this cool idea where once your lvl 50 you can make your own
                  Towers but the more stats it has like poping power the more it will cost in monkey money or if you do all 100 stats for everything it costs Real Money (Ninja Kiwi's Call tho)

                  Welp Thats it Have A Nice Day


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                    Incredibly a powerful mix, 2/3 sub and 3/2 bucaneer. Grapes are now extra powerful darts, seeking bloons, and having 5 popping power, while the darts become the same, with a 7 popping power. Just like the sub, it can shoot on any other tower range. Its Ballistic missile, is with now 50% more speed, and it is deployed 40% faster.


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                      Another powerful mix, yet overpowered and funny. 1/2 Apprentice and 3/2 boomerang, its boomerang is now a magic sphere, popping 2 layers of bloons and seeking the bloons just like glaive ricochet. Its fireball, seeks bloons like glaive ricochet, infitely passing them and exploding. TOLD YA.


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                        Yep ill attack this topic with bloons also. I will mix them with a game : Clash Royale. The Prince Bloon. Yet a bloon with a green speed, after 2 secs it increases to a speed of the fastest bloon.


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                          Back to the towers. 4 / 4 mortar and 4 / 4 supermonkey. yet a temple that shoots the big one mortar shots.


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                            1/4 Glue + Bouncy Block (Bloons 1 and 2): Instead of glue, the ability rains down sticky rubber. With some exceptions, projectiles that hit the bouncy bloon will ricochet off of it and hit more bloons until it hits its pop cap. (Exceptions include explosive shots and the Juggernaut spiky ball.)
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                              Dang, I forgot this thread existed! Let's get back into it.

                              4/x Tack Shooter + 2/x Wizard + x/3 Ninja + 3/2 Mortar + 3/2 Glue + 1/3 Spac: Spews out quick bolts of lightning which arc to multiple bloons, popping 3 layers off of them, stunning them, setting them on fire, and gluing them with the bloon solvent. Does bonus damage to MOAB-classes.
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