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BTD5 - Bug Report Thread

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  • BTD5 - Bug Report Thread

    Please use this thread to post any bugs you encounter. Please do not make game comments or ask ingame questions in this thread.

    For now, we recommend you use this to report all BTD5 bugs

    Check the old thread at the archive forums to see a list of known and resolved bugs. Check it out before you post anything. Chances are it's already known.

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    BTD5 bugs (not on the list of bugs on the OP):

    All of these are just what I consider to be bugs. Some may not technically be bugs.
    - Ring of Fire range cannot reach further than range if 4/1 without boosts.
    - Blade Maelstrom ability cannot pop leads under MIB, and cannot pop camos under anything that gives it camo detection.
    - 0/0, 0/1, and 0/2 Sniper Monkey can pop frozen.
    - Glaive Lord is weaker than it should be.
    - Ninja Monkey Shadow Double counts towards maximum towers in Daily Challenges.
    - Bloons lose Permafrost when frozen by an Ice Tower without Permafrost.
    - Arctic Wind can slow down camos under influence of Radar Scanner or Monkey Buccaneer with Crow's Nest under T3 Pirate Cove, but not under influence of Meerkat Spy.
    - Glue Splatter does not apply Stickier Glue to bloons hit by the splatter. Glitch does not exist with Glue Hose.
    - T3 Glue Supply Depot affects the co-op partner as well as yourself.
    - Neva Miss weaker than it should be.
    - Switching plane from infinity to circle path can cause it to fly out.
    - Temple eyes continue flashing after popping bloons.
    - Bloon Annihilation ability NEVER hits Camos regardless.

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      And all the sub glitches too.

      1) Using First Strike Capability on freeplay causes the game to stop working.
      2) Placing a 1/x village near a 4/x sub won't increase its range.
      3) Submerge and Support can only remove camo status from bloons in its original range, so not in the extra range that gets added by a 1/x village. Same applies to Bloontonium Reactor with popping bloons (but without triggering the glitch 1). The darts work, though.
      4) After loading a saved game, 3/x and 4/x subs are glitched. Advanced Intel doesn't work anymore (if they're not submerged) and if they're 3/0 or 4/0, it's possible to upgrade three/four times to the right, getting a 3/3, 3/4, 4/3 or 4/4 sub that doesn't have the effects of 3/x and 4/x upgrades.

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        I'm logged into the site but the game is not recognizing my login. I tried clearing cache, restarting browser, etc, nothing is helping. I'm using Google Chrome and it was always working up until today but today for some reason it is not recognizing my login.

        Edit: working now.
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          Building Special Agents, in this case Tribal Turtless, were never finished at Co-op.
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            The Meerkat Spy Pro isn't affected by any of the Village boosts.

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            Originally posted by Kodak Black
            Uh, I'm the s***, I need some toilet paper


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              4/1 village near 4/2 village cannot see camos


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                The daily quests isn't loading, and either after 3 rounds it stops working, or as in the case of the July 12 2016 Daily Challenge round 40 never ends.


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                  I think there might be 2 bugs. First, the target of towers don't change, unless the target bloon is popped, or leaves the tower's sights. This caused a yellow to leak when i was playing.
                  Also, if there's CPU-lag, the Triple Dart upgrade will only pop a bloon 2 layers at point-blank. This may apply to other towers, too.

                  EDIT: You also took out the "round end after last bloon is popped" NVM, it's working now. Idk why it didn't earlier...
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                    My co-op achievements are not counting correctly.



                    The co-op ace acheivement only counts 11 wins yet I clearly have more than 14.
                    Co-op Legend only counts 5 games when I have more than 9 medals in the correct maps and difficulty.
                    Co-op Fanatic only counts 3 wins when I have 6 expert/advanced hard wins.
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                      The game refuses to progress past wave 2


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                        In River Rapids map the game doesn't proceed to wave 11. The tip ("Yellow bloons...") appears and the level number gets updated but the "Go" button doesn't appear, it stays as the arrow/double arrow button and the next wave never comes.


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                          When an ice tower is near a meerkat, the ice tower freezes and pops camo bloons, but noes not slow them down.


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                            so i was on round 43 of daily challenge nearly finished having used free boomerang thrower used a meerkat start a round then boom suddenly screen goes to rank 1 log in really peeved off


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                              Can't get past round 11 on Rapids Easy or round 31 using fast-track. All bloons popped, end-of-round message pops up, no option to make a new round start.
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