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  • Bloons TD 5 custom challenges

    Use this thread to post your Bloons TD 5 custom challenges. List the track, what difficulty, and what towers/premiums/agents/specialties are usable/not usable. Do not post a challenge that has already been posted by someone else. It just adds to the clutter. I'll kick this off (and let these serve as examples as well). Also, if you'd like, you can substitute hard for impoppable mode on versions that support it. Also, don't make a challenge exclusive to impoppable, allow it to be substituted for hard for the versions that don't have impoppable, such as online.

    Baby Boomers

    Track: Three Times Around

    Difficulty: Hard or Impoppable

    Description: Using only Boomerang monkeys and one 0-2 village, defeat three times around on hard or impoppable. Agents, specialties, road items, and premiums must not be used.

    Classic Bloons TD

    Track: The Rink

    Difficulty: Easy

    Description: This one sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, you're right, except that version allowed all the upgrades to the usable towers. In this version, you can only use dart monkeys, tack towers, ice towers, bomb towers, and super monkeys, all of which are in the original Bloons TD and are the only towers usable in the other version, of which this is based, however, all your towers have to be 1-1, and 1-1 only. The one exception to that rule is the dart monkey, and the dart monkey only for camo purposes, at which you can upgrade it to 2-1, so you have something for camos. No agents, specialties, premiums, spikes, and pineapples. Also, super monkeys can only be 0-1 (super range), as per the first Bloons TD.


    Track: The Maze

    Difficulty: Hard or impoppable

    Description: Using only sniper monkeys, pass The Maze on hard or impoppable. No specialties, premiums, road items, or agents. Let me know if something is wrong with this challenge.

    Let's see your challenges!
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