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Y'all mind if i mod & stuff?

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  • Y'all mind if i mod & stuff?

    As long as there's no Co op shenanigans going on, is it perfectly fine if i do some modding to the game? Maybe share for others to download?
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    I mean, I've done it in the past - don't see how it's an issue now. I allowed co-op in mine but without quick match.
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      Good luck! I don't really see a problem with it other than Aaron not supporting people modding Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. I have the BTD5O SWF file, but can't find the tower stuff (power, range, etc). 4-2 Snipper Monkey with Super Monkey shooting power would pawn those ZOMG's, especially paired with Crushbeat's freeplay strategy that recommends around 70-100 of those. I have, however, successfully modded Bloons TD 3. In it, I changed the loading screen and put in one that says the game is Bloons TD 3.5 (the rest of the screen is the same, the only thing I changed is the block with the III that comes down), filled in the rounds that didn't have any pre-round comments so they now have them (all 50 rounds have pre-round comments), and changed the towers power and range. I have also changed the bloons speed so they wouldn't move, but when freeplay rolled around, they were moving as if a 4-2 snipper was controlling them. If you get somewhere with this, let me know. I have the SWF file downloaded like mentioned above.