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  • Submit your worst ideas for BTD5 here

    I don't care how bad they are, post your worst ideas for BTD5 like how people on Kongregate do it! It can be towers, maps, bloons, anything!!!
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    Here I go... *Sigh*

    The Free Penguin
    Range: Everywhere
    Price: 100 MM
    What it does: Makes everything free (And the upgrades also)
    Pro: Makes all towers 10x faster and have double range
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      Bloon destroyer

      100,000 dollars

      Destroys every bloon on screen (including zomg's)


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        The monkey bagpiper- this monkey plays his bagpipes so terrible the bloons will either run away or self-destruct. Upgrade him so he can play bigger and louder bagpipes.

        The pimp monkey- he dresses in a big expensive gown and can be bought for $10,000, he can be upgraded to wear flash jewellery. He doesn't actually do anything to contribute to popping bloons but players who are so good they have excess money can buy him to show off that they have money to spare.

        nuclear bomb. destroys all bloons on screen. and all monkeys. and if you have a city, that too.

        bloon lee- a particulary tough type of bloon that has spent time training in the ancient temples of China. If any monkey dares to try to pop this bloon it will leave the track and beat the monkey up!

        bloons with a brain- these bloons realise that since they are bloons and are able to float above stuff, there is no reason for them to follow a ground path. they will simply take the straight-line distance from the start to the finish

        ghost monkey- wanders randomly around the map, any bloons who touch him get such a fright they will turn into white bloons


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          Graive Devil: replaces graves with pitchforks, dealing 666x damage to bloons. Cost: $666


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            You have to double-click bananas in order to collect them.


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              The Decorator
              Cost: $1
              Description: gives monkey skins to all towers
              Range: unlimited
              Pro: decorates all bloons with an anti-ninja kiwi symbol.


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                50 shades of grey bloon - a bloon with 50 layers and each layer is a different shade of grey

                kinky monkey - this monkey wears leather and whips the bloons. does extra damage to the 50 shades of grey bloon


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                  Rogue bloon- a bloon that accepts bribes. You pay it and it can tell you what the bloons have planned for the next level, or you can pay it for it to make the next round easier for you

                  Or to take it further, it can pay you in exchange for secret information about what towers you have (which would then make all bloons become more resistant to your towers)


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                    Well the most stupid idea i readed about was for SAS4 in the SAS4 wiki where 1 noob had the idea for an weapon that would do always exactely the HP of each thing it shoots as damage (so 1 shot kills everything) while an other Noob had the idea of an weapon that heals automatically when shoot (not when it kills something if i rememebr right) and does nothing else and booth ideas would be working as stupid ideas for BTD5 which would then be:

                    1.A Tower that kills all with 1 shoot
                    2.An other that gives lives back when shooting something but even though it shoots things it wouldnt do anything else than giving lives to the player so not damaging it would still be stupid if it would give lives per sec. easily beating premium healthy bananas then

                    That with the bribes is only very stupid in BTD5 but in BMC it might be an great idea to activate before an round as in BMC arent always exactely the same bloons per round like in BTD5 like special items with cooldown like anti camo dust or like bloonstone buyable things like Monkey Boosts that can still be gotten free in Events and other things also with cooldown to show you which MOAB Class Bloons come at the next round but not exact so when only MOAB Classes that come that round are DDTs and ZOMGs then it will not show how many but only that those come.
                    Would be very nice in Contested Territorities.


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                      Description:Shoots Darts that can only harm ZOMG and MOAB bloons.
                      Pro:Activated ability causes all bloons to go backwards for 15 seconds.


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                        "Mega Mastery Mode"
                        If you got all medals in mastery mode you unlock the "Mega Mastery Mode" where Bloons are 2 levels better but without reduced cash...


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                          Having the will power to continue playing the game 10 years after it coming out.
                          Why earn alloy when you can just buy it? It's only 36 alloy for every $1 million.

                          Why open knowledge boxes when you get them? It's more fun to open 100 in one go cause they're easy to obtain - 1 a day or 100 a month, or... 1000 in half a year if you can be bothered saving that many for that long.... ; )

                          Seems links in the forum are now broken, man I haven't been here in a while. Search 'Sylvan Lawrenz' on YouTube for some of my silly/mature content if you're interested.