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BTD5 Update - December 19, 2017

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  • BTD5 Update - December 19, 2017

    "Happy holidays from everyone at Ninja Kiwi! Christmas has come to BTD5 with the new Beginner track, Present Delivery and Daily Challenge Vaults for October and November."

    New Beginner track is out, along with two more Daily Challenge Vaults. As with every Beginner track, beating it awards 75 Monkey Money (15 for replaying) on Easy, 100 Monkey Money (20 for replaying) on Medium, and 150 Monkey Money (30 for replaying) on Hard. It has no water and it is not playable in Co-op mode.

    New achievements:

    93 accepted daily challenges.
    BTD5 rank: 83 - BMC levels: 35 (1st city), 28 (2nd city) - AP: 25035 (Level 43) - A masterpiece of logic - Rating scale - Forum errors
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    Like it! Very worth playing!
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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      cool, I like that update


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        This map is pretty cool... Can't wait to play!