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  • The Box

    This is a SPECIAL special agent that has a hidden secret...

    Name: The Box
    Cost: $1
    Stats: Range = 2/2 Engineer
    Description: Nobody knows anything about this box, except the big button on the top, and what looks like a gauge on top. Our research monkeys

    Pro Name: The Box
    Pro Cost: 50 Boxes
    Pro Stats: Range = 2/2 Engie
    Pro Description: The research Monkeys have finally figured out how to unlock the box! It seemed to react more and more when powerful monkeys & towers surrounded it, and should emerge when all types of monkeys are placed around it with full upgrades on either path. Now to unlock it...

    Effect (Pro & Normal): When all Towers in the game are within range, and are upgraded to 4/2 or 2/4, The sell button on The Box is replaced with a Flashing yellow button that says "Press"

    When you press it: It absorbs every tower around it & summons the monkey god itself!
    Range: infinite
    Attacks: A thin laser projectile, and a burst of 10 orbs.
    Laser: Shoots at half a frame per second. Does 3 peircing, 1 layer & 3 damage to MOAB class bloons.
    Burst: 10% chance to send bloons back. Pops 2 layers, fires at 10fps & has 7 piercing.

    There are 2 buttons where the upgrades should be:
    Devastation Beam to the left, and Total Eclipse.

    Devastation Beam: Turns the Monkey God's laser into a Sun-Ray-Of-Doom! Pops 2 layers off bloons, it's piercing & width is 2x that of the RoD, and deals 10 damage to MOAB class bloons per hit. Lasts 8 seconds before needing to cool down for 1 minute. If used during an eclipse, it will give back the Monkey god's powers for 8 seconds.

    Total Eclipse: The entire screen is slowly taken over by darkness, as if the eclipse was sweeping the ground. Destroys ALL NORMAL & MOAB-CLASS BLOONS ON SCREEN!!! During the eclipse, all bloons are slowed by 10% & the Monkey God becomes a 0/0 Supermonkey for 50 seconds, when the ability returns.
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    Box: Congratulations. You have been awarded 1 dollar.

    Seriously, NOTHING in this game could possibly be a reasonable reward for doing such a thing. The idea is creative, at least, but it's not good.
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      Updated the function. Probably UP, but i wanna know how to improve it.
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        Originally posted by romangiggles
        Also another problem could be the lag, on rounds such as 63 and 78 on low end devices, especially because of the updated graphics than btd5.
        This idea WAS for btd5, not Btd6.
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          Sounds Good To Meh
          Heyo,I Like FNaF XP


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            Can I get a hello!
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              I think it's a good idea