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  • The Box

    This is a SPECIAL special agent that has a hidden secret...

    Name: The Box
    Cost: $1
    Stats: Range = 2/2 Engineer
    Description: Nobody knows anything about this box, except the big button on the top, and what looks like a gauge on top. Our research monkeys

    Pro Name: The Box
    Pro Cost: 50 Boxes
    Pro Stats: Range = 2/2 Engie
    Pro Description: The research Monkeys have finally figured out how to unlock the box! It seemed to react more and more when powerful monkeys & towers surrounded it, and should emerge when all types of monkeys are placed around it with full upgrades on either path. Now to unlock it...

    Effect (Pro & Normal): When all Towers in the game are within range, and are upgraded to 4/2 or 2/4, The sell button on The Box is replaced with a Flashing yellow button that says "Press"

    When you press it: It absorbs every tower around it & summons the monkey god itself!
    Range: infinite
    Attacks: A thin laser projectile, and a burst of 10 orbs.
    Laser: Shoots at half a frame per second. Does 3 peircing, 1 layer & 3 damage to MOAB class bloons.
    Burst: 10% chance to send bloons back. Pops 2 layers, fires at 10fps & has 7 piercing.

    There are 2 buttons where the upgrades should be:
    Devastation Beam to the left, and Total Eclipse.

    Devastation Beam: Turns the Monkey God's laser into a Sun-Ray-Of-Doom! Pops 1 2 layers off bloons, it's piercing & width is 2x that of the RoD, and deals 10 damage to MOAB class bloons per hit. Lasts 8 seconds before needing to cool down for 1 minute.

    Total Eclipse: The entire screen is slowly taken over by darkness, as if the eclipse was sweeping the ground. Destroys ALL NORMAL & MOAB-CLASS BLOONS ON SCREEN!!! During the eclipse, all bloons are slowed by 10% & the Monkey God becomes a 0/0 Supermonkey for 50 seconds, when the ability returns. The beam ability merely give the Monkey God's power back for as long as the ability lasts.
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    Ignore this.
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      Box: Congratulations. You have been awarded 1 dollar.

      Seriously, NOTHING in this game could possibly be a reasonable reward for doing such a thing. The idea is creative, at least, but it's not good.
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      Is Minecraft really for children?


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        Updated the function. Probably UP, but i wanna know how to improve it.
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