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    I just had a successful tower defense, but i shows up as I lost the match. Is that a common bug? I play on Kong with the name HiImWhitty, the fight Im referring to is Mystery_69 attacking my tower today.


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      Originally posted by Whitty View Post
      I just had a successful tower defense, but i shows up as I lost the match. Is that a common bug? I play on Kong with the name HiImWhitty, the fight Im referring to is Mystery_69 attacking my tower today.
      Submit a ticket to and they'll be able to help you further

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        Seems new users can't create a new topic, so I have to pollute someone's thread with an unrelated bug.

        Tower defence timed out and stayed on zero for a long time (digits turned red). Upon finally defeating the floor, the counter started again at 300 with red digits.
        So, the time out didn't work and the timer seemed to carry the bug into the next stage.


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          Bug: The wizard tower says, "top floor rewards: 3 golden portal stones, 1 void core, 5k training points, and 10k gold." But technically, it would the rewards for floor 30. Not floor 31, which technically is the top floor. Lol.


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            I play Tower Keepers on Kongregate platform and my account name in game is "EXCALIBUR59"
            since few days when I try to play PvP agaisnt a friend I always get "Network Error" most of the time or "Your Opponent abandoned the match" (I've tried again this morning 30 times!!!) and I can't get into PvP. Could you please solve the issue so I can play the game?

            Thanks for your help


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              Hello there! Chromebook user here ^_^ I have a Samsung Chromebook Pro, and I noticed that if I use it in tablet mode, all works perfectly fine except for the fact that I cannot tap with my finger on heroes or enemies to select them. Any ideas? Has anyone seen this kind of anomaly on any other platform?
              (Love this game.. just LOVE it.)


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                Wenn man in den Katakomben die Karten einsetzt, gibt es kein Extra-Gold, auch wenn man folgendes Team hat: Pirat(Pl√ľnderer), Dieb(Taschendieb), Kleriker(Zehnt). Ist das Absicht?

                If you use the cards in the catacombs there is no extra gold, even if you have the following formation: pirate (plunderer), thief (pickpocket), cleric (tithe). Is that on purpose?


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                  I think people have noticed, although I have not yet been able to create any weapons, but there are many who already have these new weapons, but they do not appear in the player who uses the weapon, although we can see the effect of the new weapons, such as "damage true" applied by the user of the staff.


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                    Restoring doesn't always restore the most recent.
                    My game crashed yesterday...the crash was so bad that when I reloaded, it had to rebuild a new cache. It started fine, but when I restored my game, it was from several weeks ago, even though I play daily and clicked the ''upload'' button daily to sync everything.


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                      Hi there,

                      How are you guys ?

                      I'm playing this game since 3 days, i have a very bad recurrent bug, at the end of some stage or pvp duel, when my team win the game crash (it's happen 2/3 times per day so around each 50/70 figths) it's very anoying cause of i loose all the loot and i also loose chicken or ticket for pvp/tower etc ...

                      Below screen of the bug :

                      I'm playing on PC, so as you can see on the screen my team have hand up cause i won but nothing happen after that, the game didn't crash cause i can clic on option button and change the speed of the party, but i'm stuck on this screen, nothing happen after, i have to completly restart the game, cause when i try to leave the battle in option menu it's not work, it's my a sound like the fight is end but nothing happen and i'm still on the end of figth screen with all my heroes hand up. so i must restart the game to continue to play ... kind of boring

                      I already tried to reinstall and i also already check the game file (i'm using steam to play this game)

                      please fix it or give me solution, i know that it's not happen to all people cause my friend didn't have this bug.
                      below you can find my pc config if it's can help to solve prolbem, or if you know that there is a conflict with one stuff

                      Win 10 (ligth version)
                      Ryzen 7 1700
                      16gb ram DDR

                      (it's not cause of my internet connection cause of i have optical fiber and i don't get disconect or something like that (not even using wifi only using ETHERNET cable)

                      Thanks for reading,

                      Sorry for my english i hope you can understand my problem and give me solution
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                        The chat doesn't seem to work correctly at the moment.


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                          SlowLevelix, I'm having the same problem. CHAT appears to delete your messages when you exit the game, sometimes the message does not appear when you type, reappearing when you type the second time.


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                            The chat (Browser: Firefox) is still not working properly. No matter what I enter, it will not be displayed after logging in again. When will this problem be fixed?


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                              Boss Portal: The guild currently ranked #1 ("Zidzia") seems to be a sham guild.