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What will be the next 2 days Uber Stages that can debut?

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  • What will be the next 2 days Uber Stages that can debut?

    Bem, inicialmente estou ficando cada vez mais animado com esse jogo, com um novo heroi para subir todos os seus Status, novas armas e armaduras para melhorar cada vez nossos herois, além de atualizarem vários eventos, incluindo a Feiticeira que, não apenas colocaram um Uber Stage, mas também colocaram a PRÓPRIA Feiticeira para luta contra nós nos cinco ultimos Stages, aumentando cada vez nossa satisfação em aventura (embora eu ODIAR a dificuldade INSANA que colocam nestes Uber Stage, he-he), mas na certa em breve vai vim novos Uber Stage, mas quem poderia ser o próximo?

    Bruxa: Para os iniciantes é extremamente dificil em vencer, até que consiga os monstros certos e subir os herois certos, onde os mais veteranos podem ter seus herois e monstros mais fortes, ao ponto até de colocar o Cleric como seu "tanque", de tão facil se tornar, além também de ser o menor evento já criado para se completar.

    Spellsword: É tão facil para os veteranos, quanto para os iniciantes, quando eles trabalham muito bem nas abilidades do Spellsword, porém por ele se de classe "Raro", não são a grande maioria que possui ele.

    Ladrão: Retirando os Uber Stages dos outros eventos, torna esse o segundo mais fácil a se completar, porém na penultima fase, tem um oponente com um nvl absurdamente alto onde, se não trabalhar bem nos herois, você morre com poucas porradas, mas passando nele e sobrevivendo nos outros dois rounds, o ultimo Stage é até muito mais fácil de se completar.

    Mística: Já esse naturalmente é um dos eventos de dois dias, mais DIFICIL em se completar, embora o "Item Quest" que é tão dificil quanto esse, mas recebeu um Uber Stage mesmo assim, então é possivel ser este o próximo.


    Enfim, qual deles, vocês acham que os desenvolvedores vão criar do próximo Uber Stage?

    Well, initially I'm getting more and more excited about this game, with a new hero to raise all his Status, new weapons and armor to improve our heroes every time, besides updating several events, including the Sorceress who not only put a Uber Stage, but also put the OWN Sorceress to fight against us in the last five Stages, increasing our satisfaction in adventure each time (although I HATE the INSANE difficulty they put in these Uber Stage, he-he), but soon will come new Uber Stage, but who could be next?

    Witch: For beginners it is extremely difficult to win, until you get the right monsters and raise the right heroes, where veterans can have their heroes and stronger monsters, to the point of even putting Cleric as their "tank", of so easy to become, as well as being the smallest event ever created to complete.

    Spellsword: It's as easy for veterans as it is for beginners, when they work very well on Spellsword's abilities, but because it's "Rare" class, they are not the vast majority who own it.

    Thief: Removing the Uber Stages from the other events makes it the second easier to complete, but in the penultimate phase, there is an opponent with an absurdly high nvl where, if you do not work well on the heroes, you die with few hits, in it and surviving in the other two rounds, the last Stage is even much easier to complete.

    Mystic: This is of course one of the two-day events, more DIFFICULT in completing, although the "Item Quest" is as difficult as this, but received a Uber Stage anyway, so it's possible to be this next.


    Anyway, which one do you guys think the developers will create from the next Uber Stage?
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    If the next one is the "Thief", it is possible that they similar do even the event of the "Sorceress" and put him using an offensive epic weapon to face us, I just hope they do NOT alter the penultimate original stage, since this naturally is already very difficult to pass, even for some veterans, when it does not dominate the Demonic Watcher in its EXTREME mode of difficulty.
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      What the heck do mean the Thief campaign is hard to beat? Beating the level 160 demonic watcher is easy, all you need is Blackguard to stun it and then shred it to death.
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        Blackguard can then beat Demonic Watcher, interesting to know that, I always faced using the Shaman (or the Samurai) along with the Archmage, thank you very much for the tip, I'll exterminate and if Blackguard really dispatches this monster fast, so I can agree to increase the challenge on this Stage a little more

        Maybe I even get quick kill in the "Pirate event", using the Black Guard, although thanks to Torrente Ice Machine, makes it very easy to remove for a hero with a median strength to high.


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          For now, no new Uber Stage has been released, perhaps next week, after passing the events of the Sorceress and Item Quest.


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            It seems that it will not be in January that another Uber Stage will come, where after the Berserker, will have those two events that have already put the Uber Stages in the end. But who knows in February, we can have new things in these 2-day events.

            But in my humble suggestion, they could start with the events "Spellsword" and "Thief", the easiest current... although in the case of the Thief at least, have a good challenge on Stage 8, but remainder is tranquil.


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              The forums here are very abandoned, since they created the Discord a year ago, but still I always stay here to read some news. But well, so far no Uber Stage of new 2 days has come, and the next two have already put the Uber Stage. In addition, they have to put Uber Stage in the Event of Boss 3, two of the six bosses who missed having Uber Stage, although in the case of Bastian they may delay putting, although they put Uber Stage in the "Christmas event" insane so DIFFICULT is, I could not even pass the "Normal Stage at Christmas", then surely a Uber Stage appearance for Bastian may appear sometime, although I've already gotten a Boss after a lot of fighting.


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                It's been a long time, but there's no new Uber Stage yet for the two-day missions. Will they only put in some new Uber when Easter comes? Because this is almost 100% sure that they will put Uber Stage in this event of seven days of Easter, I just do not know is if they will do the same in the two days?


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                  Nossa, como aqui está completamente abandonado os tópicos dos foruns de Ninja Kiwi, ou será que criaram algum outro Forum relacionado ao Tower Keepers em algum outro Site, não sendo apenas o Discord?

                  Mas eu estou ainda esperando algum comentário relacionado sobre a minha idéia em implantar Uber Stages em mais campanhas de dois dias, onde eu ainda sugiro colocarem em "Spellsword" ou no "Ladrão", por serem os Stages mais fácil no jogo, ou talvez na "Bruxa" só porque a campanha dela possui apenas cinco Stages.

                  Wow, how here is completely abandoned the topics of the Ninja Kiwi forums, or have they created some other forum related to Tower Keepers on some other Site, not just the Discord?

                  But I'm still waiting for some related comment about my idea of deploying Uber Stages in more two-day campaigns, where I still suggest putting it in "Spellsword" or "Thief" because Stages are easier on the game, or maybe "Witch" just because her campaign has only five Stages.


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                    Unfortunately we do not have any new Uber Stage yet this month. But maybe in the month of Easter they can create some new Uber Stage for two days, or at least I came to a new Uber Stage after passing the "Item Quest"


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                      It's good that there was no "Uber Stage" new, but at least had the new debut of the Fighter's special campaign, to distract us for seven days. But these updates could be posted here, for people who have not yet joined Discord, to know the news


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                        And again, the game had no new updates. Who knows after the other campaigns of the Sorceress and Item Quest, they can put something new, I hope. But meanwhile, I will always comment something here, as long as the post is not locked.


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                          And again, there was no new Uber Stage again. Maybe it only has new things at the end of the year, until then, every time the Berserker Campaign comes (although it's not the one I hope to have Uber Stage), I'll notify something , since this topic is never closed anyway.


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                            From the machine rebellion to the Berserker 2-day campaign, nothing has changed. Well, let's wait another time.


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                              We finished another cycle, without any new Uber Stage. And the wait is still going on.