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Guild Boss idea: Auroch, Lord of Evil

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  • Guild Boss idea: Auroch, Lord of Evil

    Auroch will alternate being the bi-weekly guild boss, like how each boss campaign, Valkyrie Expedition, and Golden Horde alternate as the special week-long campaigns.

    How Auroch as a Guild Boss will work is, instead of being different stages like Zaluss, he only has 1 stage, his stats will stay the same, and he has unlimited health. Rewards will be based on milestones for damage dealt. His health will work like Zaluss's, where it's divided into hearts, but Auroch will have 50,000 health per heart, rather than Zaluss's 20,000, and he simply has unlimited hearts. Milestone damage will be tracked based on amount of hearts destroyed; for example, the first milestone, 1,000,000 damage dealt, will be 20 hearts destroyed.

    Having a single stage with unlimited health and unchanging stats will help players in 2 ways:
    1. If you manage to break a milestone mid-attack (such as reaching 20,000,000 damage on a stage 10+ Zaluss, or 5,000,000 damage against Auroch), your attack will not end midway through, like it would with Zaluss. Instead, you keep on going until you die (or the timer runs out, if one is put in for the Auroch fight), meaning no attack will go half-wasted due to beating a stage.
    2. Since stages won't need to be unlocked, players will never need to spend gold to re-open the boss portal, so players who put in the effort towards attacking the boss won't screw themselves over and lose their entire gold stock, or waiting 3 hours for mooching guild members to cover the cost.

    Health: unlimited
    Attack: 600
    Defense: 600
    Armor: 50%
    Resistances: 50% for all magic, 80% stun

    Summon Demon: summons a level 80 Vicious Overseer
    Fearsome Visage: stuns all enemies
    Warcry: increase attack of allies by 250 briefly
    Break Free: removes all debuffs from caster
    Demon Shout: reduces all enemies' attack by 50%
    Wall of Fire: deals 8,000-10,000 fire damage to all enemies
    Heart Shot: deals 6,000-7,500 true damage
    Supernova*: deals 28,000-30,000 light damage, then 3,000 fire damage 40 times
    Fire of Yreth (passive): every time a heart is destroyed, deals 200-250 fire damage to all enemies
    Freezing Aura (passive): increase enemy cooldowns by 20%
    Inherent Speed (passive): reduces cooldowns by 23.5%

    *Supernova is basically meant to be a "You've survived too long, just die already" move. It should be rediculously delayed; if a 300 second timer is put in, have it set to occur after 290 seconds (timer displays 10 seconds) assuming no stuns, and if there's no timer, after 450 seconds. Afterwards, it will have a similar cooldown to Earthen Strike.

    20 hearts, 50 hearts, 80 hearts, 120 hearts, 160 hearts, 200 hearts, then it increases by 50 hearts every time after that (250, 300, 350, etc.)

    Rewards are up to NK's discretion, but I think they should be similar to Zaluss, with gold in almost every reward, guild marks in most, gems in a few, various boosters in a few, and battle chests in minimal, with one having a super rare armor and one having a super rare weapon.

    This is obviously untested. It most likely would need changes before being implemented, either due to being too easy or too difficult.

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    Bom, inicialmente finalmente alguém se lembrou deste ser misterioso que aparece na introdução de Tower Keepers, ele não aparece nem nos eventos, apesar desse Auroch ser apenas descrito num unico quadro como o responsavel da guerra medieval. Mas eu discordo sobre ele ter vida infinita e a recompensa obter depedendo dos danos, o bom sempre foi o trabalho em equipe e suas recompensas que, incentiva o jogador mais fraco a ficar cada vez mais forte para ajudar o clan, tanto que é devido as recompensas do clan que estou atualmente com os meus herois principais com arma epica ultimate.

    Mas eu espero sim que, o criador de Tower Keepers finalmente coloque o Auroch para enfrentar, mesmo que seja no Boss Clan e, talvez até o final da história com todos comemorando e tendo um final feliz, com a morte daquele que iniciou toda a guerra medieval no jogo.

    Well, initially at last someone remembered this mysterious being that appears in the introduction of Tower Keepers, it does not even appear in the events, although this Auroch is only described in a unique picture like the one in charge of the medieval war. But I disagree about him having infinite life and the reward getting off of the damage, the good thing has always been teamwork and its rewards which encourages the weaker player to get stronger and stronger to help the clan so much that it is due rewards of the clan that I am currently with my main heroes with ultimate epic weapon.

    But I do hope that the creator of Tower Keepers will finally put Auroch to face, even if it's in the Boss Clan, and maybe even the end of the story with everyone celebrating and having a happy ending with the death of the one who started the whole war medieval in the game.