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I wanted to know what you think of the Priest of Battles

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  • I wanted to know what you think of the Priest of Battles

    Olá a todos os que acompanham ainda estes forums, mesmo ainda ser muito cedo para discutir sobre o potencial do Sarcedote de Batalhas, mas eu acredito que os mais dedicados já devem ter evoluido no minimo 5 Estrelas.

    Bom, até ontem eu não tinha o Sarcedote no meu time, mas eu tenho bastante Diamantes para poder recrutar ele, porém estava esperando primeiro vim um evento útil, tipo o evento dos Diamantes para obter bastante recompensas, mas como veio primeiro o evento do treinamento de abilidades e já possuia 3 pergaminhos diferente para desbloquear suas abilidades, eu já decidi recrutar ele. E sim, eu tenho mais de um milhão de pontos de treinamento de ablidades e de xp para elevar ele no nvl max (menos as suas abilidades que requer as estrelas), mas será que ele pode prestar em alguma batalha? Pois raramente vejo ele no "Assalto a Torre" e nenhum deles está no seu nvl máximo, não sei se ele apenas cura, ou tem a capacidade de retirar debuff, já que sua capacidade de cura parece ser bem mais fraco a da Druida, ao menos os meus calculos de % de cura estumula. Mas enfim, vale a pena evoluir ele em todos os niveis de abilidade e status no maximo? Caso sim, onde ele seria mais eficiente?

    Hello to all who still follow these forums, even still be too early to discuss about the potential of Sarcedote of Battles, but I believe that the most dedicated have already evolved at least 5 Stars.

    Well, until yesterday I did not have Sarcedote on my team, but I have enough Diamonds to be able to recruit him, but I was hoping first I came to a useful event, kind of the Diamond event to get enough rewards, but how did the training of skills event come first and already had 3 different scrolls to unlock his abilities, I already decided to recruit him. And yes, I have over a million ability and XP training points to raise him at max nvl (minus his abilities requiring the stars), but can he do it in some battle? For I rarely see him in "Tower Assault" and none of them are at their highest level, I do not know if he only heals, or has the ability to withdraw debuff, since his healing ability seems to be much weaker than that of the Druid, minus my calculations of % cure heals. But anyway, is it worth evolving at all levels of ability and status at the most? If yes, where would it be most efficient?

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    Of course I still have quite a bit of diamond, although it does not have the same amount of hero price that costs 2500 gems, but in a week I will be able to recover a small small part, at least enough to buy 10 Core Void from that store, I hope to be right.


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      Even though he's listed as a healer, he's not that good of one. He only has one healing move, meaning you can easily go without using it on him, and, while the healing on it looks fine, isn't that useful because it only heals once every 3 actions, which takes forever, you'll probably end up moving onto the next stage before it ends. He also doesn't have a passive that boosts his healing power, which even the witch has, the closest he has is the one that makes spiritual hammer heal him for a percentage of the damage it deals. His soul skill is also kind of niche, though it's useful when it helps, being able to largely heal an ally and stop an enemy's ability to get healed, which can screw over a berserker with the vicious streak passive, the necromancer using vampiric touch and when he uses his soul skill, and against Marull in Grim Harvest 18.