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Tower Keepers is live on steam!

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  • Tower Keepers is live on steam!

    As some of you have already noticed, tower keepers is now available on steam!
    You can view the store page here:
    If you have an existing account linked to Facebook or Email you will be able to log into this account through the steam client.
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    É eu já tinha visto o jogo na Steam, mas acho que não vai ter muita diferença jogando naquela plantaforma, com a versão Web do Ninja Kiwi. Além que como não posso importar as minhas horas de jogo, então isso faz desinteressar se aventurar no outro Site, da mesma forma que os jogadores de Mobile e Android não se interessam em jogar na versão Web do Ninja Kiwi e na Steam.

    I've already seen the game on Steam, but I do not think it's going to make much difference playing on that platform, with the web version of Ninja Kiwi. Besides that since I can not import my hours of play, then this does not interest to venture into the other Site, just as Mobile and Android players are not interested in playing the Web version of Ninja Kiwi and Steam.


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      Is there a way to link a flash account with Steam ??


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        Sorry, but it does not, since the Steam platform is already in place, in which the operation of Flash Player will cease to exist in 2020 in Google Chrome and in several browsers in the future. So much so that to enter Tower Keepers in Kongregate, it is not necessary to have Flash Player installed, as long as WebGl is installed.


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          Has anyone joined Steam? For the old ones who already played in the Web and mobile versions, it will certainly be very difficult to play in this plan, unless you can somehow import your progress into the other plans.