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Tower Keepers - Patch Notes! Version 2.0.1

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  • Tower Keepers - Patch Notes! Version 2.0.1

    A small yet important update

    • Boss Portal ‘attacks’ counter has been corrected
    • Hero Battles ‘cancel’ button no longer displays once a match is found
    • Hero Battles Network Errors should no longer pop up frequently
    • Visuals for new items have been corrected on Kongregate and Ninja Kiwi builds
    • Some icons clipping through menus fixed on Kongregate and Ninja Kiwi builds
    • Battle Priest’s Theologian passive has been fixed
    • Festival Events will no longer display blank rewards after being collected
    • The following items received improvements:
      • Wrath of the Mountain
      • Iron Rose
      • Accursed Spark
      • Muramasa
      • Eye of Chaos
      • Soul Cage
      • Plate of Undeath
      • Ambusher’s Hacker

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    As melhorias foram boas e senti lutando.

    Alias, eu queria que alguém respondem uma pergunta, o Berserker sofreu algum nerf no dano de area por acaso? Pois antes, ele apenas dando um buff no ataque, combinado com mais buff dos monstros, podia até mesmo matar com um hit meu Cleric e o meu Arquimago, mesmo com armadura e arma epica no level Max (no caso do Cleric a sua arma é aquela Super Rare Clava da Lua, a melhor arma defesa da sua classe de arma).

    Mas nos ultimos dias, o Berserker não consegue mais tirar sequer a metade da vida do meu Cleric, apenas o Arquimago recebe grandes danos, necessitando de dois hits para matar, com seu "ataque de area", onde só aplica danos mais graves, se aquele monstro que da nerf de atc e def em um unico oponente, tornando as batalhas mais JUSTAS, finalmente.

    The improvements were good and I felt struggling.

    Alias, I wanted someone to answer a question, did the Berserker suffer some nerf in the area damage by accident? For before, he just giving a buff in the attack, combined with more buff of the monsters, could even kill with a hit my Cleric and my Archmage, even with armor and epic weapon at Max level (in the case of Cleric his weapon is that Super Rare Clava of the Moon, the best weapon defense of its weapon class).

    But in the last few days, Berserker can no longer take even half of Cleric's life, only Archmage is heavily damaged, needing two hits to kill with his "area attack," where he only applies more serious damage if that monster that from the nerf of atc and def into a single opponent, making the battles more FAIR, finally.


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      And now I only have more work with the Blackguard, the Ninja using the ultimate epic weapon and heroines that use wand as a weapon, but in those they need a lot of LUCK to kill me with few hits, even the Guardanegro, so I do not even bother with them.