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Tower Keepers - Patch Notes! Version 2.0

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  • Tower Keepers - Patch Notes! Version 2.0

    Major changes:
    • Brand new hero ‘Battle Priest’
    • Fixed “Killshot” reward giving incorrect rewards
      • Changes coming for Zaluss Guild Boss Milestone rewards

    Minor changes:
    • Guild search no longer requires you to use the entire guild name to search
    • Made some improvements to sending long messages in the guild chat system
    • Fixed an issue where the sound settings from your previous game weren’t being restored until you opened up the option menu
    • Necromancer’s Shadow Master passive will scale with his soul skill
    • Added Battle Priest into the list of Random Wizard’s Chosen Teams
    • Fixed an issue that allowed you to receive daily chests multiple times
    • Wizard’s Chosen enemy heroes will now spawn 3 levels below up to your current keeper level
    • Machine max levels have been increased to 70 for Super Rare and 75 for Epic
    • ‘The Fortress’ Plate Armor now correctly lists its -5% dodge stat in the description

    New Weapons:
    Items List:
    1h Slashing:
    • Vaunted Shadow Blade
    • Muramasa
    1h Stabbing:
    • Iron Rose
    2h Hacking:
    • Prelates Justice
    • Hammer Of The Gods
    • Fists Of Fury
    • Wrath Of The Mountain
    2h Stabbing:
    • Grand Spear Of Vigilance
    • Thousand Barbs
    2h Slashing:
    • Accursed Spark
    • Eye Of Chaos

    New Armor:
    • Soul Cage - Cloth
    • Demon’s Skin - Leather
    • Chain of the Wretched - Chain
    • Plate of Undeath - Plate

    Item Balances:
    • Greymarrow Wand
    • String of Gods
    • Trueshot
    • Spellthread Robe
    • Shimmering Cloak
    • Darkfire Battleplate

    New event reward items:
    • Darkfire Battleplate
    • Shimmering Cloak
    • Hide Of Sargothian
    • Praetorian Aegis
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    Oops! I liked the news, but when are they going to enter our system? In mine it has not yet appeared.


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      It is available for web players now
      No badgers were harmed in the making of this forum. Most likely. I'm like, 75% sure. But don't quote me on that or I'll have to harm a badger.


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        Yeah, the updates are good even though I did not get any, but I'm trying to find the boom recipe to upgrade my Cavalier. My only concern is about saying that they have changed the rewards of the Dragon event, I hope they have not removed the Gems, as it is the mission that the clam gets the most, gems.