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They could increase another stage in the event of the Sorceress

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  • They could increase another stage in the event of the Sorceress

    Eu não sei se o pessoal anda notando, mas tanto no evento da Valkiria, quanto do Boss Korgon, teve aumento de estágio. Eu ainda não enfrentei os novos stages do evento do Boss, mas a da Valkiria no seu ultimo stage foi tão insano e dificil que, eu não consegui passar nem mesmo no "level normal".

    Daí eu pensei no evento da Feiticeira que, é absurdamente fácil demais. Bem que poderiam colocar mais um Stage, algo similar ao "Item Quest", com os monstros atuais com Buffs extras e, tendo a Feiticeira usando uma arma épica como final Boss. Os level poderia ser entre "62 level normal", "73 level hard" e "82 level extremo", onde além das recompensas de "extra pontos de treinamento", poderiam oferecer "pedras da Feiticeira" e no level extremo, pode ser "3 golds pedras", mais os "pontos de treinamento" e mais "número X de pedras da Feiticeira", o que acham?

    I do not know if people are noticing, but both in Valkyrie's event and Boss Korgon's, there was an increase in internship. I still have not faced the new stages of the Boss event, but Valkyrie's last stage was so insane and difficult that I could not even pass the normal level.

    Hence I thought of the event of the Sorceress, which is absurdly too easy. Well they could put on another Stage, something similar to "Item Quest", with the current monsters with extra Buffs and taking the Witch using an epic weapon as the Boss finale. Levels could range from "62 normal level", "level 73 hard" and "extreme level 82", where in addition to the rewards of "extra training points" could offer "Sorceress stones" and at extreme level, can be "3 golds stones", plus " raining points" and more "X number of Sorceress stones", what do you think?
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    Is not anyone going to say more about my idea? For if the events of a week are receiving update, those of two days could receive also, as of the Sorceress to be very easy. It's actually so easy that I even put the Sorceress as a "tank" along with my Knight, and she still survives in the end, in the last phase of the EXTREME difficulty level.


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      I will definitely be around to this at some point, there is just quite a lot of campaigns to go through and balancing up really hard challenges like this is quite a tedious task so it takes a while
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        Thank you very much for the feedback. Well, I hope that when the Sorceress event comes up, it will have some more stage to have fun with, because it's still the easiest event to accomplish today, so easy that I even put it as a tank and it hardly dies.


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          Just a few more days, and will start the Sorceress event, I hope the next time I do here, have a slightly better challenge. You do not need to do stage kaizo in which only the most addicted experts can win, but hopefully a little better challenge here, at least.
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            Desculpe eu incomodar novamente aqui, mas eu espero algum dia que, possam aumentar mais um stage para o evento da Feiticeira e, que esse stage final possa realmente testar o verdadeiro poder dela. A minha idéia de como seria um bom desafio de stage...

            Os level para esse stage pode ser de "62 normal level", "level 73 hard" and "extreme level 82", pode até ser os mesmos monstros encontrado neste evento, mas recebam um buff que ampliar o poder de dano, e que contra-atacar ataque "corpo a corpo". Tento quatro rodadas, onde na ultima, pode colocar a propria Feiticeira como Boss, parecido com o Pirata, mas usando arma épico e, podendo usar todas as suas abilidades, mais a capacidade de contra-atacar qualquer tipo de ataque, o que vai forçar o jogador eliminar primeiro os monstros em volta para poder derrotar ela no final. Bem, essa foi apenas uma idéia.

            Sorry to bother again here, but I hope someday they'll be able to increase yet another stage for the Witchcraft event and that this final stage can really test the true power of it. My idea of what a good stage challenge would be ...

            Levels for this stage can be "62 normal level", "level 73 hard" and "extreme level 82", it may even be the same monsters found in this event, but receive a buff that magnifies the power of damage, and against - attack "melee" attack. I try four rounds, where in the last one, can put the own Witch like Boss, similar to the Pirate, but using epic weapon and, being able to use all its abilities, plus the ability to counterattack any type of attack, which will force the player first eliminates the monsters in order to be able to defeat her in the end. Well, that was just an idea.


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              It is likely that in two days from this date today, will start another event of it. I hope that when the event arises, have a good challenge, just as they are updating those events that last a week.


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                And again this event was ignored. Too bad it's not the time to really test the abilities that the Sorceress has, unlike the Witch event that requires us to use two monsters, or the Magician Swordsman's event that the monsters fill with buff (though it's also very easy to), or the Berserker event that the monsters have extra damage, or the Pirate that uses combat machines and has the Pirate as Boss in the last Stage, or the Mystic that despite her being weak in physical attack, but did all the monsters apply debuff ...

                Contrary to the events of the weeklong heroes who have already received extra stage, though these really deserved because they were too easy for such a big event.


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                  Well, last week the people decided to play in the "Item Quest" and give that extra "Uber Stage", although this event even without it is already extremely difficult, although I admit to being able to zero in 100% before Uber Stage, I I hope the next update is from the Sorceress Event, this one needs an extra challenge.


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                    Item Quest before stage 7 is not extremely difficult, lol; 6 Extreme has been beaten at level 28.

                    Would be interesting to see an uber stage for Sorc, though the difficulty spike would be especially egregious compared to the others.
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                      Não é que colocaram mesmo a Feiticeira mesmo conforme minha sugestão? Só não esperava era a ultima fase, com várias Feiticeiras e usando, as tecnicas de outros herois que me mataram rapido. Bem, agora esse Evento tem um belo desafio, mesmo para os novatos nas primeiras 9 Stages. Muito obrigado por terem melhorado o evento da Feiticeira, embora sacanearam no ultimo stage novo, he-he. Podem trancar este tópico se quiserem, pois para mim está encerrado.

                      Is it not that they have even put the Sorceress on my own? Just did not expect it was the last phase, with various Sorceresses and using, the techniques of other heroes that killed me fast. Well, now this event has a nice challenge, even for beginners in the first 9 Stages. Thank you so much for improving the Witchcraft event, even though they screwed up on the latest new stage, hehehe. You can lock this topic if you want, because it is closed to me.